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Swine Flu

Chan School of Public Health

HSPH Faculty Will Help Launch New CDC Center for Disease Forecasting

Harvard School of Public Health Epidemiology professor Marc Lipsitch and postdoctoral research fellow Rebecca Kahn will help establish a new center dedicated to disease forecasting and outbreak analytics at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

President Calderon at the JFK Forum

Former Mexican President Calderón's Appearance at IOP Lacked Previous Controversy

In a conversation that steered clear of much of the controversy surrounding his arrival at the Harvard Kennedy School, former President of Mexico Felipe Calderon reflected on his term in office.


Daughter Reckons with Mother’s Literary Legacy

Indeed, was Irène Némirovsky, herself a Jewish victim of the Shoah, also an anti-Semite?


Girl in a Coma’s Fourth Release Forgettable, Inconsistent

“Exits & All The Rest,” the Texan rock trio’s fourth release, features some powerful anthems and a couple of moving melodies. But the entire album comes off as an exercise in musical suspense and suggestion, a rock ramble that manages to evoke everything from coy sensuality to dramatic defiance without investing any of that with the least speck of importance.


Ghosh's 'River' Is Shimmering But Shallow

In his attempt to comment on the political altercations surrounding the opium trade, Ghosh neglects to endow his own language and characters with the same depth he gives to their meals and dialects.


'Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows — Part 2' is a Gutting Goodbye

It is precisely the lack of any kind of feel-good factor that makes this last installment in the Harry Potter epic so compelling. This is no longer a story about magic itself, but about childhood and its bittersweet demise.


Yoshimoto’s Latest Is a ‘Lake’ of Wisdom Rippled by Flaws

But even though Yoshimoto might dabble in the whimsical and the light, her most recent novel, “The Lake,” deals deftly with grief, death, and fear during an intense romance.


‘Leeches’ a Powerful Meditation on Limitations of Language

“Leeches” emerges from its entanglement with Serbian politics as a powerful postmodernist struggle with the impotence and emptiness of language.


The Ten Worst (Best?) Puns of Arts 2010

Here are the ten most groan-worthy specimens of puns from the past twelve months.


Rushdie Rekindles Old Myths in ‘Fire of Life’

Richard Avedon, one of the greatest American photographers of the last century, once took an unforgettable portrait of Salman Rushdie.


James Franco’s Literary Debut Proves Shallow, Adolescent

Franco’s failure to extract meaning from the chaos he depicts seems not so much a natural reaction to the teenage condition, but rather a trivial consequence of the poverty of his insight.


Sedaris Satirizes Nutty Animals in ‘Squirrel’

“I said that you were not conceived of mutual orgasm and that it probably affected your ability to empathize, remember?”

School of Public Health

Fear of H1N1 Has Abated, Poll Says

Almost half of Americans believe that the H1N1 swine flu outbreak has passed, and only one-third remain “somewhat” or “very” concerned about catching the virus, reflecting a significant reduction in levels of concern about the pandemic compared to last fall.

Undergraduate Council


From a fiscal nightmare to a campus shooting, 2009 had it all. See the stories, events and people that made the top headlines this past year.

Swine Flu

Poll Shows Travellers More Mindful of H1N1

Travelers in the midst of the current H1N1 pandemic and flu season are taking significantly more health precautions against contracting and spreading the disease, according to a recent Harvard School of Public Health poll.