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Daughter Reckons with Mother’s Literary Legacy

Indeed, was Irène Némirovsky, herself a Jewish victim of the Shoah, also an anti-Semite?


Unflinching Didion Courageously Tells All in 'Blue Nights'

To her credit, Didion is as honest with her readers about Joan Didion as she has been about all her previous subjects.

Op Eds

Bin Laden's Death

Introducing our new online Columnist Conversations feature


'The Art' of Puzzling, Fascinating Corporate Satire

Elusive French writer Georges Perec may have died in 1982, but thanks to the recent reissue of an oft-forgotten literary experiment from his later years, his humor and his cunning live again.


Dunster House

Right along the bank of the Charles River, one of Harvard's most beautiful Houses (on the outside, that is) proudly sits for all to see. No, we're not talking about Eliot. We're talking about Dunster, the former home of Al Gore '69, Tommy Lee Jones '69, Norman K. Mailer '43, and Deval L. Patrick '78. With its striking red tower, excellent dining hall, and, yes, walk-through rooms, Dunster boasts one of the strongest house communities on campus.


Superficial ‘Opinions’ of Marilyn Monroe’s Dog

The problem with “The Life and Opinions of Maf the Dog,” however, is not its aggressive self-presentation as such a comic novel; at times, O’Hagan’s narrative is indeed a clever outsider’s portrayal of the ultimate insider’s world. The problem, rather, is that O’Hagan’s obsession with his chosen genre seems to inhibit any substantive portrait of Marilyn Monroe whatsoever.


Remembrance of Things Past

Perhaps it was Henry James who best captured the confusions of Harvard’s particular approach to commemorating its fallen graduates. In ...

Women's Ice Hockey

Liza A. Ryabkina

In this series, we probe the minds of people around campus by asking them the same set of questions about ...

Final Clubs

Diversity in Final Clubs

To conclude our series on final clubs, we thought we’d take a quick little tour through the history of the clubs’ diversity. “We pride ourselves on the diversity of our club,” one member of the Phoenix wrote to us in an e-mailed statement. “And we define diversity to include race, socio-economic status, concentration, extra-curriculars, etc.” He added that the Phoenix has “some members from royal families and others whose parents are unemployed.”

City Politics

Support Builds for Secret Court Movement

Their Day in the Yard, a student-led initiative to right the wrongs of Harvard’s infamous Secret Court of 1920, has earned the support of various student groups and the attention of the City of Cambridge GLBT Commission.

The Punch: What Is a Final Club?
Final Clubs

The Punch: What Is a Final Club?

The Punch: What Is a Final Club?
Final Clubs

What is a Final Club?

As part of our series on Final Clubs, we decided to get out on the street and find out what people around here actually think about the clubs.

Around the Ivies Plus

Yale Memoir, Princeton Battlefield, and a Coming-Out Story

The quick and dirty about what's been going on around the Ancient Eight (and some other schools too).


Philosophy in the Age of New Media

Sean D. Kelly believes philosophers ought to pose the question of how to live a good life to people who “are busy living.”


Andrew Berry, Lecturer on Organismic and Evolutionary Biology