Moonlight, A24.

‘Moonlight’ Review: Good, But Not Quite Great

It is not easy to forget the “Best Picture” blunder of the 2016 Oscars, and it was here that I first heard about “Moonlight.”

Still of Kelvin Harrison Jr. and Lucy Boynton in "Chevalier."

‘Chevalier’ Review: Why ‘Chevalier’ is No One’s Knight in Shining Armor

The film “Chevalier” turns the volume back up and gives Bologne a space to shine. However, the film lacks the depth that nuances his story.


Life-Altering Films: The Tale of My Letterboxd Top Four

Letterboxd has been one of the best ways for me to build relationships with other cinephiles and document my time as a moviegoer.

"Renfield" Poster

‘Renfield’ Review: Dracula’s Servant Revived

Standing amongst the great adaptations of Dracula's story from across film history, “Renfield,” the 2023 film from director Chris McKay, is bound to disappoint some moviegoers.


From Wicked Queer Film Festival: ‘Heartbeast’ is Ekphrasis and Psychological Horror

Its choice to avoid stereotypes, trite messaging, or a neat ending makes “Heartbeast” a magnetizing watch.


From the Wicked Queer Film Festival: ‘The Good Manners’ is an Arresting Ode to Adolescence

“The Good Manners” is a visually wonderful film, and is strongest when it luxuriates in the unsaid aspects of complicated familial relationships.

"Murder Mystery 2" Still

“Murder Mystery 2” Review - Alibis, Lies, and Plenty of Dead Guys

After the couple’s success solving the big case of the first film, they decide to open a detective business and mysterious mayhem ensues.

Still of Toni Collette in "Mafia Mamma."

‘Mafia Mamma’ Review: A Terrible Misuse of Toni Collette

“Mafia Mamma,” like many films, seems to have been built around a one-line pitch of phrases drawn from a random generator.

"Once Upon a Hollywood" Still

Is It Time for Quentin Tarantino to Hang Up the Towel?

Quentin Tarantino’s cinematic reign may be coming to an end.

Still of "Boston Strangler"

‘Boston Strangler’ Review: A Murder Mystery with Meaning

“Boston Strangler” goes beyond a simple murder mystery, highlighting the struggles of ambitious women in the workplace and the uncertainty of justice.

Still of "Air"

“Air” Review: Just See It

Ben Affleck and Matt Damon's “Air” — a story of Michael Jordan’s 1984 partnership with Nike — evokes charm from opening to closing credits.


From the Boston Underground Film Festival: ‘Survival is Insufficient’ Short Film Showcase

“Survival is Insufficient” brought many fresh ideas to BUFF this year, leaving audience members prepared for what may manifest in this lifetime or another.

A still from "Moon Garden."

From The Boston Underground Film Festival: ‘Moon Garden’ Review

Despite the weak plot-line and clichéd dialogue, BUFF audience members delighted in the thrill of visual experience that Harris gave in “Moon Garden.”

A still from "The Angry Black Girl and Her Monster."

From The Boston Underground Film Festival: 'The Angry Black Girl and Her Monster' Review

“The Angry Black Girl and Her Monster” is an explosively powerful film that turns the classic novel “Frankenstein” on its head.

Still of Michelle Rodriguez, Justice Smith, Chris Pine, and Sophia Lillis in "Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves."

‘Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves’ Review: A Magical Heist Adventure with a Charismatic Cast

Grab your dice and get ready, because “Dungeons & Dragons" takes you on a wild ride through a magical world of charismatic characters and epic heists.