'The Substance' Still

From Cannes: ‘The Substance’ is a Sparkling and Divisive Body Horror

It is nearly unimaginable to not feel seen by French director Coralie Fargeat’s “The Substance,” which premiered at the 77th Annual Cannes Film Festival.


My Letterboxd Top Four: Your New Favorite Movies

In sharing my Letterboxd top four, I hope to inspire you to create an account and, at best, inspire you to watch one or two or all of my favorite films.

Bimba Carpenter Profile

Artist Profile: Maria ‘Bimba’ I. Carpenter ’26 on Elevating the Mundane Through Comedic Filmmaking

Though she’s still learning, practicing, and working on her craft, Maria "Bimba" Carpenter has that forward momentum.

'The First Omen' Still

‘The First Omen’ Review: A Prequel that Fails to Measure Up

The prequel to David Seltzer's 1976 film "The Omen" is a passable film that leaves something to be desired in its visuals and conclusion.

'Love Lies Bleeding' Still

‘Love Lies Bleeding’ Review: Subverting Tropes Around Crime, Thriller, and Love

The movie begins as one would expect. However, the film quickly divulges into a wild, thrilling narrative that keeps viewers on the edge of their seats.

4/20 design

Listicle: Films to Watch on 4/20

The best, unofficial holiday is just around the corner and picking the right movie is key to maximizing the 4/20 experience.

"Girls State" Still

‘Girls State’ Review: God Can Save the World, Women Will Save America

"Girls State" serves as a welcomed companion to Amanda McBaine and Jesse Moss's previous documentary, "Boys State."

"Challengers" Still

‘Challengers’ Review: Too Hot to Handle Itself

While its script is intriguing, "Challengers" tries to differentiate itself from the sports genre too dramatically with technical elements and sexual subplots.


My Top Ten A24 Films, in No Particular Order

A24 films have become synonymous with innovation and emotional depth. Here are my top ten that have left an indelible mark on my heart and mind.

"Monkey Man" still

‘Monkey Man’ Review: An Action-Packed Cultural Immersion

While “Monkey Man” has its slow and clichéd moments, it ultimately packs a punch just as powerful as its protagonist’s.

"Imaginary" Still

‘Imaginary’ Review: A Film That Lacks Imagination

“Imaginary” has snippets of potential, but the lack of imagination throughout the film takes viewers out of the story and holds the film back.

'Palm Springs" Still

‘Palm Springs’ Review: Step Aside ‘Groundhog Day’

"Palm Springs” is a delight and will have the viewer laughing while contemplating themes about time, purpose, and companionship.

'Immaculate' Still 2

From Boston Underground Film Festival: ‘Immaculate’ Delivers on Horror

"Immaculate" is undeniably horrifying, with toe-curling gore and relentless suspense that rarely becomes gratuitous.

"Humanist Vampire Seeking Consenting Suicidal Person" Still

From the Boston Underground Film Festival: ‘Humanist Vampire Seeking a Consenting Suicidal Person’ Review: Not the Average Vampire Flick

While vampire stories are often interlinked with romance, this is a movie that breaks the norm and does so thoughtfully and hilariously.

Oscar Statuette

‘2024 Oscar Nominated Short Films: Live Action’ Review: Four Heart-Wrenching Tales Plus a Kooky Roald Dahl Adaptation

Award ceremonies are most fun when about underdogs, it might be time to take a closer look at the lesser known Oscar category built for indie underdogs.