Zolita at Boston Calling

From Boston Calling 2023: Friday Sound Bites

Fans from far and wide traversed the Eliot Bridge on Friday to attend the three-day Boston Calling Music Festival.

Theo Katzman Onstage

‘Be the Wheel’ Tour Review: Theo Katzman Wants To Stand For Something

Theo Katzman maintains a commitment to his message of optimistic human spirit across all of his endeavors.

sofiane pamart image 1

Artist Profile: Sofiane Pamart Is The Best of Both Worlds

Pamart has dared to do what no one else is: to destroy the boundaries of what classical music can be.

Portrait of Micah Write and Smokeintheye

Artist Profile: Micah Write and Smokeintheye are a Hip-Hop Dynamic Duo

Micah Write and Smokeintheye are paving their way to the forefront of Hip Hop with their unique sound and unwavering dedication to the craft.

Boat Ed Sheeran Image

‘Boat’ Single Review: Guys, it Only Half-Sunked

In “Boat,” Sheeran leaves the listener craving more substance, emotional charge, and cohesion.

Lewis Capaldi Concert 5

Concert Review: Lewis Capaldi Has Jokes for Boston

“I don’t do it for the money everybody,” Lewis Capaldi remarked to a packed crowd at MGM Music Hall at Fenway on April 10.

Record Store Day 2023 Image

Record Store Day 2023: Music Fans Flock to Independent Stores for Exclusive Releases

Record Store Day is a celebration of the rich culture and history of independently owned record stores.

mike shinoda image

Artist Profile: Linkin Park’s Mike Shinoda, 20 Years In The Making

Following the March release of his latest single, “In My Head,” Shinoda sat down with The Harvard Crimson to discuss the anniversary of “Meteora,” as well as his recent release.


So You Want to Listen To Musical Theater

While “show tunes” may call to mind retro kick-lines or sappy love songs, musical theater is not a thing of the past.

mxmtoom Profile Image

Artist Profile: mxmtoon on Vulnerability in the Digital Age

22-year-old Maia sat down with The Harvard Crimson to talk about her career, creative evolution, and how far she’s come from her beginnings as an artist.

Sadhugold Profile Image

Artist Profile: Sadhugold is a Masked Master of Production

Sadhugold, an enigmatic rapper-producer based in Philadelphia, is one of the most sought-after beatmakers.

huprikar profile image

Artist Profile: Annika Huprikar on Film Scoring and Following Her Passions

Her energy and passion for music were striking as Huprikar remarked on her experience in her dual degree, and how she splits up her time.

'Ghost of Chicago' Image

‘Ghost of Chicago’ Single Review: Noah Floersch Leaves Us Excited for More

In a mainstream industry filled with over-processed vocals, Floersch stands out.

Spanish Ran Image

Artist Profile: Spanish Ran is a Bronx Producer With An Expert Ear

Spanish Ran has become a staple in the underground scene with his ear for up-and-coming talent and distinctive, throwback production style.

Eto Portrait

Artist Profile: Eto is A Torch Bearer of True Hip-Hop

Eto has steadily carved a niche for himself within the underground hip-hop scene over his two-decade-long career.