Chicago Rapper D2x on Latest Project 'The Color Blue,' Channeling Inspiration

With inspirations ranging from Earl Sweatshirt to Pablo Picasso’s “Blue Period,” Chicago rapper D2x is ready to have the world appreciate his art.

Dr. Trineice M. Robinson-Martin

Trineice M. Robinson-Martin on Singing her Soul and Helping Others Do the Same

Dr. Trineice M. Robinson-Martin dedicates her music-filled life to helping others find their own voices.

"You Stupid Bitch" by girl in red cover

‘You Stupid Bitch’ Review: Instrumentally Impressive, Lyrically Lacking

Upbeat percussion makes “You Stupid Bitch” a good song for dancing and pretending that you’re the main character in a coming-of-age indie film. But when the well-rounded accompaniment is set aside, the lyrics fall short.

"Slime Language 2" Cover Art

‘Slime Language 2’ Review: Thug Assembles the Rap Avengers

Just like Captain America assembling the Avengers to save the universe, Thug’s dream team lineup on “Slime Language 2” has single-handedly revived the rap game.

"Bang Bang Con 2021"

‘Bang Bang Con 2021’ Review: Watch Eight Hours of BTS' Concerts For Clear Skin

With this impressive accomplishment under their belt, BTS have streamlined a new form of interaction with their fans in the now largely contactless world of entertainment.

"Dancing with the Devil...The Art of Starting Over" Cover Art

‘Dancing With The Devil...The Art of Starting Over’ Review: The Devil’s in the Details

Four years since her last album, Demi Lovato made a triumphant return to the music scene with “Dancing With The Devil… The Art of Starting Over.”

The entrance to ONCE, which is now closed.

Inside the Fight to #SaveOurStages: Independent Venues Struggle to Survive the Pandemic Year

Over the past year, independent venues have faced unique challenges in surviving the pandemic. The venues that have survived are hanging by a thread, held on the other end by the support of their communities and the tenacity of their owners.

Yo-Yo Ma

Yo-Yo Ma ’76 Talks Art’s Personal and Global Role at Arts First Event

Cellist Yo-Yo Ma ’76 joined six Harvard students to discuss the importance of art in bridging various personal and global gaps in a virtual event on Monday as part of this year's virtual ARTS FIRST festival, hosted by Harvard’s Office of the Arts.

"Film Out" Cover Art

'Film Out' Review: BTS’ Japanese Singles Reign Supreme

BTS brought a powerful combination of melody and lyrics to fruition, giving their vocal prowess a chance to truly shine.

"Sueños de Dalí" Cover Art

'Sueños de Dalí' Review: Paloma Mami’s Album is Art

Combining elements of pop, R&B, trap, and reggaeton, “Sueños” is the future of urbano music.

"Shy Away" Music Video

‘Shy Away’ Review: Twenty One Pilots Break From Their Traditions in a Bold Way

“Shy Away” acts as a litmus test for Twenty One Pilots as they wade into new waters with a more upbeat, electronic pop style.

"LILAC" Cover Art

‘LILAC’ Review: A Whimsical Farewell to IU’s Roaring 20s

Nearly 13 years into her career, IU continues to amaze her fans, redefining what it means to be a K-pop singer, songwriter, and producer.


‘OK Orchestra’ Review: An Initially Ok Album that Grows on Its Listeners

“OK Orchestra” toys with the comedy and depth expected of the trio, while leaving the listener wanting just a bit more.

"Justice" album cover

'Peaches' Review: Bieber Ruined His Own Song

In an unforeseen collaboration, Justin Bieber teamed up with Daniel Caesar and Giveon on the single “Peaches.” This star-studded track is dominated by Bieber, however, and as a result, the song falls flat.

"Glow" Cover Art

‘Glow’ Review: Alice Phoebe Lou Shines Bright

"Glow" is Alice Phoebe Lou's most honest and emotive work — a spellbinding record that beautifully depicts love in all its complexities.