Clancy Album Cover

‘Clancy’ Review: Twenty One Pilots Successfully Cap Off a Decade-Long Narrative

All good things must come to an end, and “Clancy” proves that letting go, despite feeling bittersweet, can sometimes be for the best.

Hozier Saratoga Concert

Concert Review: Hozier Enchants Saratoga Springs

Hozier’s show at the iconic venue was a testament to his ability to enchant audiences of thousands with music alone.

'The Tortured Poets Department' Album Cover Image

‘The Tortured Poets Department’ Review: A Brave Exploration of Human Vulnerability

In “The Tortured Poets Department,” Swift explores creation as catharsis and as a medium between fame and personhood.

Royel Otis Still 1

Artist Profile: Royel Otis on Chemistry, Whimsy, and Rising Fame

The result of Royel Otis’s now-finely-tuned authentic collaboration is a nostalgic sound and charismatic connection.

Backslide Single Cover

‘Backslide’ Single Review: Surprisingly Forward-Thinking

The song is not overly complex, but it proves that Twenty One Pilots are an ever-evolving band.

Jacob Collier at Piano Photo MGM

Jacob Collier Concert Review: Collier Creates a Home at MGM

With over 100 instruments on stage and a three-tiered set draped in leaves, Collier’s set allowed him to create a range of music.

Sarah and the Sundays

Artist Profile: Sarah and the Sundays, Making Music for Every Day

For Sarah and the Sundays, being a band is truly a unique life experience. As Yorgensen put it, “how many people get to be that loud in their lifetime?”

The Sinclair Strumbellas Three Performers

The Strumbellas Concert Review: Indie Folk Pop Coming Alive

The stage’s closeness to the audience created an intimate atmosphere from the beginning of the evening.

The Charles Hotel Garden Bar

One Reason Garden Bar Prepares to Mix Back In to Harvard Square

One Reason Garden Bar will be returning to the Charles Hotel on May 5, marking the second year in business for the bar which first opened in July 2023.

Sadie Jean The Middle East Concert Photo

Sadie Jean Concert Review: The ‘Simple Like 17’ Singer is Anything but in Concert

Sadie’s stage presence was soft yet powerful, her ballads about lost love relating to listeners of all ages.

Maddie Zahm Sinclair Concert Photo

Maddie Zahm Concert Review: Career Highs and High Energy

Zahm performed at the Sinclair with great stage presence, a tight set, behind-the-scenes insights into her creative process, and an overall memorable show.

Maggie Rogers Paradise Rock Club Performance Wide Shot

Maggie Rogers Concert Review: Boston Won’t Forget Her

With a thousand fans surrounding her and her voice cartwheeling over every song she sang, Rogers’s performance was nothing short of ethereal.

Music and Love Thinkpiece Cover

What’s With All the Songs About Love?

There is an untapped non-love-based musical market waiting for engagement, a wealth of experiences waiting to be explored in song.

Don't Forget Me Album Cover

‘Don’t Forget Me’ Review: An Unforgettable Album That Delivers On Its Title

The last lyric on the album is “Don’t forget me,” and after what this album represents, there’s no way the world will be forgetting Rogers any time soon.


Vibes and Vision: Capella Grey and the Future of Music at Harvard Law School’s Hitmakers Symposium

This symposium, blending talent with music entrepreneurship, underscored Harvard’s role in nurturing the creative pioneers of tomorrow.