Stove God Cooks Portrait

Artist Profile: Stove God Cooks is Poised for the Limelight

Syracuse rapper Stove God Cooks is one of the most distinctive and exciting artists to emerge from the Northeast hip-hop underground in decades.

modest mouse 1

Concert Review: Modest Mouse Reminds Us Of The ‘90s

The setlist mixed nostalgia with a hefty dose of humor.

stromae year in review image

Top 10 Albums of 2022

The Crimson Arts Board presents its musical favorites of 2022, from "Renaissance" to "Un Verano Sin Ti."

discovery daft punk image

‘Discovery’'s Hidden Gem: Daft Punk’s Animated Visual Album

“Interstella 5555" is a masterclass in storytelling, as it manages to convey an allegory for the exploitation of artists in the music industry without dialogue.

Justin Levy profile image 2

Artist Profile: Behind the Mask of Myles Blue

Justin C. Levy’s ’26’s talent shines through with themes of love and passion.

Ramon '1000WORD$' Lazo Image

Artist Profile: Ramon ‘1000WORD$’ Lazo Reflects On His Hip-Hop Journey

Ramon '1000WORD$' Lazo bought his first Polaroid camera on eBay for $25.

Pharrell and Travis Scott "Down in Atlanta" Image

Travis Scott and Pharell Williams’ 'Down in Atlanta' is Fun Yet Unambitious

“Down in Atlanta” is a high-quality single, but it isn’t a good sign for fans who hope to see a return to Travis Scott’s heights of musical ambition and originality.

Adam Melchor Concert Image 1

Adam Melchor Concert Review: 'Here Goes Nothing'

Catching up with him after the concert, The Harvard Crimson asked him how he felt after his performance. “I feel great about it, it's so nice to be able to play live,” he said.

Alvvays Boston Concert Image 1

Alvvays Concert Review: Captivating, Experimental Perfection

Alvvays's Nov. 18 show at Boston’s Roadrunner was a flawless — and slightly strange — finale to their U.S. tour.

Kurt Vile Royale Concert Image 1

Kurt Vile Concert Review: The Magician Enchants Boston Crowds

“Been on the road for three years, just to get here, just to bring it back to Boston.”

Alfie Templeman Image

Artist Profile: Alfie Templeman Soaring with New Album ‘Mellow Moon’

Templeman points out a certain freedom in learning to play music, not by the instruction of a book, but by the personal will of the artist.

Dora Jar interview image

Artist Profile: Dora Jar Brings Her Musical Dreamscapes to Boston

As she brought her propulsive, haunting indie-pop sound to audiences around the country on her first headlining tour this fall, Jar drew inspiration from the surreal beauty of Cirque du Soleil shows, with their synthesis of wild visuals, music, athleticism, and dance.

Ingrid Jensen image

Artist Profile: Ingrid Jensen on Falling in Love with Jazz, and Performing with the Harvard Monday Jazz Band

On stage, Jensen’s “swinging” was evident in the best way as she led the Harvard Monday Jazz Band.

Takeoff image

On Takeoff, Black Death, and Mourning

Takeoff deserved to grow old.

Candlelight Hans Zimmer image

‘The Best of Hans Zimmer’ Review: Candlelight Series Performance Astounds

The setting allowed the incredible concert to be about more than just about music; It was inherently meditative in its nature, perhaps even emotional.