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Parting Shot

The Upside of Hating Harvard

We convince ourselves that the problem isn’t with our day-to-day lives—it’s with how we are looking at them. We tell ourselves that we love Harvard. We lie.


A Little Piece of Peace

There’s something about the Garage Starbucks that just works for me.



Summer Postcards 2011

A Spendthrift Rift

To me, these expenses were more than a waste of money—they were conspicuous consumption, evidence of a misplaced value on extravagance. But, I wondered, couldn’t my roommate level the same criticism at me, with my habitual venti chai lattes?

On Campus

After a Decade, the Sackler Finally Opens Its Doors

When the Arthur M. Sackler Art Museum opened its doors in October 1985, many involved in the project dubbed its completion “The Miracle on Quincy Street.”

Visual Arts

Sackler Museum's Future Uncertain After Fogg Renovation

The Arthur M. Sackler Museum faces an uncertain future as renovations of the Fogg Art Museum near completion, slated for late 2013.


SEAS Sees 12% Increase in Concentrators

With the concentrations for the class of 2013 officially declared and tallied, the Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences has seen a 12-percent bump in its total concentrators, continuing a three-year growth trend.


SEAS Struggles to Attract Minority Students

The number of undergraduate concentrators in the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences has grown rapidly over the past three years, rising by more than 39 percent over that period.


Biomedical Engineering Concentration Draws SEAS Students

The new undergraduate concentration in biomedical engineering may attract a large number of students when sophomores declare their concentrations next month.


SEAS Group Wins National Science Foundation Grant

A team of computer scientists and education researchers at SEAS has been awarded a three-year, $2.3 million grant from the National Science Foundation.


Heart and Lung Researchers Earn Grant

Two of Harvard’s biomedical engineering professors have been awarded a $3.3 million federally funded grant to develop a “Heart-Lung Micromachine” that can test the effectiveness and safety of cardiopulmonary drugs.

Sciences Division

Secondary Field in Energy and Environment May Be Offered

A new secondary field in energy and the environment will likely be available to students by next fall, following a review of the proposed requirements by a diverse group of faculty in the humanities and the sciences.


Harvard Computer Science Expects Faculty Retirements

The faculty members affiliated with Harvard Computer Science are poised to face a wave of retirement over the next few years.

Central Administration

University Expects Endowment Payout to Rise 4%

The University has advised its schools to plan for a 4 percent rise in the value of the endowment payout for the next fiscal year, marking the first yearly increase since the beginning of the financial crisis in 2008.


Economics and Government Advising Revised

Reforms to the advising structures in the two largest undergraduate concentrations—Economics and Government—have been launched this fall, with the introduction of a dedicated staff concentration adviser in economics and the creation of a Peer Concentration Counseling (PCC) program in government. These changes will impact roughly one in four Harvard students.