Discovering Crescent Moon Cover

Harvard Authors Spotlight: Oge C. Ogbogu ’24

Driven by her passion for creating positive change in the lives of children affected by sickle-cell anemia, Ogbogu aims to continue exploring the intersection between medicine and storytelling

Pink Noise Image

Harvard Authors Spotlight: Kevin Holden ’05 Asks More of Language

Reading many genres of books, including novels, comes inevitably with the terrain of Holden’s line of work. His heart, though, has always been with poetry.

Stardust Cover

Harvard Author Profile: Aarya A. Kaushik ’24

Following nearly 50 attempts to publish her work in magazines, Kaushik ultimately self-published — enabling her authentic, undistilled voice to shine through in her work.

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Silencing Voices: The Implications of Defunding LGBTQ+ Materials in Missouri Public Libraries

By challenging decisions like the one in Missouri and advocating for the constitutional rights of all citizens, including those of the LGBTQ+ community, we can help prevent further attacks on libraries.

White Cat Black Dog Cover Image

‘White Cat, Black Dog’ Review: Brutal Honesty Wrapped in Whimsical Stories

In her newest short story collection, “White Cat, Black Dog,” Kelly Link draws inspiration from a variety of fairy-tales to blur the boundaries between reality and fantasy.

B.F.F. Cover

Artist Profile: Christie Tate on The Necessity of Female Friendships

Author and essayist Christie Tate argues that every bookstore should have a friendship section — a place to bring powerful, non-romantic friendships to the forefront of readers’ minds.

Marie Lu Author Photo

Artist Profile: The Defiantly Optimistic Storytelling of Marie Lu

The stories that Lu writes are intensely personal. But these deeply confessional stories come with their own difficulties — it’s a more vulnerable form of storytelling, too.

Yellowface Cover Image

‘Yellowface’ Review: Fast-Paced Critique at Times Falters

“Yellowface” is a fast-paced and biting commentary on racism, white privilege, and the publishing world’s evils, but it fails to reach its full potential due to its lack of narrative subtlety.

Happy Place Cover Image

‘Happy Place’ Review: An Ambitious Emily Henry Novel

Though it falls short of the brilliance of her previous works, “Happy Place” is still sexy, charming, and meaningful — a book well worth reading for Henry’s fans.

Flux Cover Image

‘Flux’ Review: Dopamine and Dramamine

One of the strongest elements of “Flux” is its refusal to conform to literary norms. At no point in reading this novel is it possible to categorize it in a single genre. Although the book’s amorphism can be confusing at times, the novel would not function without it.

Paris Cover Image

‘Paris: The Memoir’ Review: The Truth About Paris Hilton the Cameras Never Showed Us

Throughout the memoir, Hilton defies readers’ preconceived notions, writing with a confidence that paints herself in the light she deserves.

grolier poetry reading

Reading at Grolier Poetry: Four Poets and Their Stories of Resilience

Although their creations differ in style and deliverance, a common message lies within each of their poetry collections. Each poet grapples with loss, pain, and the inheritance of suffering.

The Wind Knows My Name Cover Image

‘The Wind Knows My Name’ Review: What Could Have Been

The plot of “The Wind Knows My Name” is timely, but its short length and varying storylines create an overall underwhelming experience.

Clytemnestra Cover Image

‘Clytemnestra’ Review: A Fresh Greek Mythology Retelling

Although the book sometimes struggles under the weight of its multiple storylines, “Clytemnestra” still tells a compelling and unique story about one of Greek mythology’s most notorious female figures.

The Orange Tree Cover Image

‘The Orange Tree’ Review: Patterns of Association that Keep Growing Richer

Dong Li’s poetry collection “The Orange Tree” showcases the expansiveness of the lyric voice and its capacity to cross borders, generations, and cultures.