'Thick with Trouble' Cover

‘Thick With Trouble’ Review: Beauty in the Outskirts of the Ordinary

In her latest collection, Amber McBride spins together a beautiful web of interconnected pieces relating to her identity as a Black woman.

New and Secondhand Bookstore Image

Libraries, Used Bookstores, or Fresh off the Presses: Where Should You Buy Your Next Book?

Used bookstores are the most eco-friendly way to buy a book. But why would one want to buy a book in the first place?

BookTok and Bookstagram

‘But Is There Spice?’ TikTok’s Obsession with Literary Pornography

TikTok is changing the way books are written and sold, marked by an increased reliance on sexually explicit content to hook readers.

'Exordia' Cover

Artist Profile: Seth Dickinson on ‘Exordia,’ Obama, and Lego Bionicles

What do pink noise, the history of Kurdistan, and the Lego Bionicle franchise have in common? They all figure into Seth Dickinson’s sci-fi novel “Exordia.”

'House of Flame and Shadow' by Sarah J. Maas Cover

‘House of Flame and Shadow’ Review: Maas’s Beautiful Mess

“House of Flame and Shadow” by Sarah J. Maas marks the third installment in her “Crescent City” series. It is thrilling and sexy but it is also sort of a mess.

'Iron Flame' by Rebecca Yarros Cover

‘Iron Flame’ Review: A Promising Series Falters

“Iron Flame,” the second book in Rebecca Yarros’s Empyrean series, is unable to find its footing, resulting in a bumpy ride throughout for readers.

Valentine's Day Books Listicle Graphic

Narratives of Love: Books to Read This Valentine’s Day

Whether you’re seeking heartwarming romance, personal reflection, or love poems to the earth, this curated list of recommendations has something for everyone.

Antonia Hylton and Jesse McCarthy Image

Antonia A. Hylton ’15 Visits Harvard Square for Her Inaugural Book Tour

On Thursday, Feb. 1, Antonia A. Hylton ’15 discussed her debut book “Madness: Race and Insanity in a Jim Crow Asylum” at the Cambridge Public Library.

Ya-Wen Lei headshot and "The Gilded Cage" cover

Ya-Wen Lei Discusses China’s Techno-Developmental State and Consequences for the Working Class

Lei’s latest novel delves into China’s burgeoning techno-developmental regime and the grim consequences it holds for the strained working class.

Schuyler Bailar Headshot

Harvard Authors Spotlight: Schuyler Bailar On Allyship to the Transgender Community

Schuyler Bailar, an internationally recognized author, educator, and advocate for inclusion and diversity, shared his new book, "He/She/They."

house of doors book

Artist Profile: Tan Twan Eng on Excavating Old Stories and Using Writing to Learn

With the publication of his most recent novel, “The House of Doors,” Malaysian novelist Tan Twan Eng meditates on the goals of historical fiction.

Alt-Nature by Saretta Morgan Cover

‘Alt-Nature’ Review: Prose Poetry at Full Capacity

In “Alt-Nature,” Saretta Morgan engages with the desert and the waters to meditate on love, violence, injustice, Blackness, and queerness.

Olivie Blake Headshot

Artist Profile: Olivie Blake on the Meaning of Life, Surprising Endings, and Rewriting Canon

Though the Atlas series books are dramatic and funny — featuring improbable magic and sexcapades — they also deal with big questions.

Come and Get It Kiley Reid

‘Come and Get It’ Review: A Meandering Portrait of Young Adulthood

“Come & Get It” amuses from the first page. Bestselling author Kiley Reid returns with a character-driven commentary on youth, passion, and maturity.

Brandon Sanderson Headshot

Artist Profile: Brandon Sanderson on Fan Theories, ‘Wind and Truth,’ and Building His Fantasy Empire

Brandon Sanderson is more than just an author: He’s an institution. Audiences are waiting for the fifth installment of his Stormlight Archive series.