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Harvard in Winter

The Harvard February: Winter Vignettes by Crimson Arts

Several Harvard students reflect on the subtleties of a dormant nature, memories long past, and how to find the light in the darkness of winter.

Hiphop Exhibition Image
On Campus

In the Gallery of Rhythms: Unveiling 50 Years of Hip-Hop History Through the Private Collection of Ice-T and DJ Afrika Islam

The diversity in media made clear the fact that hiphop is not just music — and it never has been.

Thanksgiving Listicle Cover

The Books We’re Most Thankful for: A Gratitude Practice

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, we’re celebrating this holiday season by sharing the books that we’re most grateful for.

'Swift and the NFL' Image

The S in Sunday Stands for Swift

This NFL season, families have tuned in not just for the touchdowns, but to see pop star Taylor Swift cheering on Kansas City Chief tight end Travis Kelce.

"For All the Dogs" Cover Art

‘For All The Dogs’ Review: Teaching an Old Dog New Tricks

In the streaming era, Drake’s adaptation to the industry marks a transition away from the golden boy and into a father of contemporary rap.

50 Years of Hip-Hop: Playlist

Hip Hop Producers Image

50 Years of Hip-Hop: The Producers Who Made It Happen

It feels necessary to highlight some of hip hop’s greatest producers throughout each era in order to celebrate it to the fullest.

Still of "Air"

“Air” Review: Just See It

Ben Affleck and Matt Damon's “Air” — a story of Michael Jordan’s 1984 partnership with Nike — evokes charm from opening to closing credits.

Angel Reese

NCAA Women’s Basketball Tournament: Lessons On and Off the Court

It is time to stop forcing female athletes to prove themselves and instead celebrate their greatness rather than simply accepting it.

book to movie adaptation image

Arts List: Our Favorite Book-to-Screen Adaptations

From “Catching Fire” to “Gone Girl,” here are some of The Crimson Arts’ favorite (and one not-so favorite) book-to-screen adaptations!

Soleil Golden

‘We Are More Than Deserving of A Seat at The Table’: Influencer Soleil Golden on Navigating Digital Girlhood

While she was once a girl disconnected from internet culture, Soleil E. Golden finds herself at the core of what it means to be a force online today.

So You Want to Listen to Hip-Hop Spotify Playlist

So You Want To Listen To Hip Hop Image

So You Want to Listen to Hip Hop: A Lens for Black History

This list is a compilation of the underappreciated yet historic rap songs that continue to inform the artists of today, honoring hip hop as Black history.


What the Hell Happened: The Fenty Bowl From Up Close

With her Apple Music Super Bowl LVII Halftime Show, Rihanna has proved that she is an unprecedented cultural force.

valentine's day graphic

Ten Songs for Every Valentine’s Day Mood

Whether you’ll be celebrating in the arms of someone you love or having a party all to yourself, music is a great way to process whatever emotions have been buried for the past 364 days.