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Science Center
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‘Capable of Change and Evolution’: The Debut of Harvard’s Undergraduate Science Center

Today, having a class in the Science Center is a staple of the Harvard College experience. But when the Class of 1973 arrived at Harvard, construction had not even begun on what is now an iconic feature of the University.

Bosco Sodi: "Origen"
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‘Origen’: Bosco Sodi Installs Reflective Contemplation at the Harvard Art Museums

Bosco Sodi’s “Origen” expertly mirrors and grounds its museum context within its gold and terracotta forms, captivating the viewer in its alternating themes of reflection and absorption.

ARTS FIRST Festival 2023 Image 2
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Harvard ARTS FIRST Festival Brings Community to Campus

Much like the events from the festival ignited curiosity and wonder in viewers, the ARTS FIRST Festival sparked a sense of unity across the Harvard community.

Paul Taylor Dance Company "Company B"
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Paul Taylor Dance Company Review: The Art of Elegance

Paying homage to Taylor’s brilliance and unmatched creativity, the full cast flooded the stage for “Company B,” with ten musical selections covered by the Andrews Sisters.

BSO Assistant Conductor Earl Lee
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Artist Profile: Conductor Earl Lee Debuts in Symphony Hall in Culmination of Rewarding Career

After reminiscing on his accomplished career, Lee emphasized the importance of music for those involved in music at any level.

"Sisterly Resistance" by Jules Arthur
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'Call and Response: A Narrative of Reverence to Our Foremothers in Gynecology'

An impressive amount of historical background and research accompanies the newest exhibit, detailing the ways the art pieces intersect with history while uncovering the dark truths behind anthropology, sociology, and our overall medical system.

Eleganza 2023 Image
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Eleganza MMXXIII: ‘Rebirth’ Electrifies Crowds at Bright-Landry Hockey Center

The event drew resounding praise from the student crowd, some of whom traveled from the Boston area or further in order to see the show.

CompFest Participants
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CompFest Brings Harvard’s Musical Voices Together

Emulating the casual energy of a coffeehouse performance was one of Leahy’s goals to make the Cabaret a welcoming space for diverse composers of all styles and experiences to present their work.

Boston Ballet's "Don Quixote"
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Boston Ballet’s ‘Don Quixote’: The Delightful Return of a Classic Tale

Boston Ballet's "Don Quixote" truly goes above and beyond in all aspects of the performance.

Scooter Policy

As Harvard College Puts the Brakes on Scooter Use, Undergrads Feel Kicked to the Curb

As Harvard College doubles down on its restrictions for the usage of bicycles, scooters, and other micromobility devices, some undergraduates are frustrated with security and convenience challenges brought on by the policy.

Expressions Directors 2023
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Expressions ‘The X Factor’: An Energetic Hip-Hop Showcase

The Harvard Expressions Dance Company is a fully student-operated hip-hop dance group that’s been on campus for over forty years.

Madelyn Ho
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Artist Profile: Paul Taylor Dance Company Member Madelyn Ho ’08 on Following Your Passion

Most importantly, Ho shared, “if there's something that you love, you can find some way to incorporate it into your life. And I think that's — that's important."

"Falling Together" by Laura Coe
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Laura Coe’s ‘Falling Together’ is an Immersive Experience into the History of Breakdancing

An important part of Coe’s performance was honoring the space and the ground upon which she and her partners danced.

37th Annual Cultural Rhythms show
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37th Annual Cultural Rhythms Show: Welcome to the Block Party

Cultural Rhythms 2023 was a festival of unification.

"Unbind this book, Unstitch this body" by Isaac Heller
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Unbinding the Archive: A Senior Thesis Performance on Queer History and Memory

Titled “Unbind This Book, Unstitch This Body,” the performance was a four-part journey through archival research, queer history, and the deeply personal process of gender affirmation.