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Zoulfa Katouh Headshot

‘There Is No Right Routine’: Zoulfa Katouh on Inspiration, Deadlines, and Navigating Growth

Writing a story changes for everybody. Routines differ by how writers set deadlines and goals, and how they structure their pieces — whether they outline or not. For Katouh, understanding what works best for her work was a large part of her journey as an author.

'One Day' Still

‘One Day’ Review: Beautifully Tender Angst

“One Day” is refreshing because it takes itself seriously.


‘A Gentleman in Moscow’ Premiere Review: A Grand Opening Sets the Stage for a Charming Drama

Viewers can anticipate spending many enjoyable evenings in the Metropol Hotel.

'Ward Toward' by Cindy Juyoung Ok Cover

‘Ward Toward’ Review: A Stunning Exploration of Form Carves Out An Inventive Path for Poetry

Vulnerable but also distanced, descriptive yet alienating, emotional yet self-depreciating, “Ward Toward” is a work of contrasts and conflicts.

Cover of The Book of Love by Kelly Link

‘The Book of Love’ Review: Supernatural Tale Bites Off More Than It Can Chew

Kelly Link's first novel “The Book of Love” struggles to find its footing, creating a choppy story and laborious reading experience.

Dave Boyle headshot

Artist Profile: Dave Boyle on ‘House of Ninjas,’ Toho Studios, and Mixing Action with Family Dynamics

Are ninjas really a thing of the past? What if they were still undertaking secret missions in the modern day? “House of Ninjas” seeks to answer this question.


Author Profile: Devra First on Soup, Community, and the Sharing of Culture and Stories

First, a current restaurant critic and food writer for The Boston Globe, always knew she wanted to be a writer and has always been fascinated by food.

‘The Lego Movie’ Design

‘The Lego Movie’ 10-Year Retrospective: Building a Legacy of Creativity and Great Marketing

“The Lego Movie” is a testament to the enduring power of creativity and individuality, and its impact is still traceable in major Hollywood blockbusters.

'Winx Club' Image

‘Winx Club’ Retrospective: 20 Years of Friendship and Magic

A varied cast of characters, complex worldbuilding, gorgeous design, and touching explorations of friendships and relationships have made “Winx Club” a favorite for generations.

"All The Light We Cannot See" Image

‘All The Light We Cannot See’ Season Review: Not Enough Nuance

For a show that explores delicate themes such as the power of language and the senses, and the way technology, radio especially, can be misused, the characters’ conversations do nothing to explore these further, and the usage of words such as “light,” “darkness,” and “truth” becomes redundant.

E.J. Koh Image

Artist Profile: Author E. J. Koh on ‘The Liberators’ and the Breaking of Borders

E. J. Koh’s debut novel, “The Liberators,” is a story about borders, and how to overcome them.

Poster of Disney's "Fantasia"

Remembering Sunflower and Atika: Racism and Erasure in Disney’s ‘Fantasia’

After I searched for "Fantasia," I discovered a history of questionable representation, historical erasure, and the ever complicated issue of engaging with offensive media.

Soloist Paloma So '27 Image
On Campus

Harvard-Radcliffe Orchestra Feature: The Semester Finale Presents a Captivating Selection of Music

The evening was a wonderful showcase of the rich classical music scene present at Harvard, and the way it interconnects and expands to other communities as well.

Thanksgiving Listicle Cover

The Books We’re Most Thankful for: A Gratitude Practice

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, we’re celebrating this holiday season by sharing the books that we’re most grateful for.

Books and AI Image

Can Craft Become a Commodity? The Complicated Relationship Between Books and AI

In a work produced jointly by a human and a computer model, how much of the intellectual property belongs to the human, how much to the model, and how much to the model’s programmer?