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Firelei Báez, 'A Drexcyen chronocommons (To win the war you fought it sideways)'
On Campus

‘Firelei Báez’ Review: Explosive Color and Cutting Commentary

The ICA’s newly opened survey exhibition is an absolute must-see for any museumgoer of any background.

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Graduate School of Design ‘Forest Futures’ Review: A Jungle of Design

In line with the exhibition’s goal, many installations strike an incredible balance between the implicit chaos of nature and the recognizable order of design.

Cover of 'Silver: Poems'

‘Silver’ Review: The Sonorous Music of Paradoxes

Across 27 poems, Rowan Ricardo Phillips sings a melody as sharp and cutting as metal in his latest collection, “Silver.”

Noriko Saitō Sunbeam
On Campus

‘Future Minded’: A Window into Curation at the Harvard Art Museums

The show features an impressive spread of recently acquired artworks — many on display for the first time.

house of doors book

Artist Profile: Tan Twan Eng on Excavating Old Stories and Using Writing to Learn

With the publication of his most recent novel, “The House of Doors,” Malaysian novelist Tan Twan Eng meditates on the goals of historical fiction.

The Best Book I've Read for a Harvard Course

The Best Books We’ve Read for a Harvard Course

Here we share some of our favorite books that we’ve read for a Harvard course, and we hope you’ll consider checking these works out as well!

Becky Moon Profile Image
On Campus

Artist Profile: Becky Moon on the Power of Perception and Life’s Hidden Beauty

Moon has demonstrated time and time again the incredible power art can have on our everyday lives.

Harvard FAS CAMLab Image
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Harvard FAS CAMLab: The Art of Transitions

Just as the installation explores and celebrates the intersection between the past and the present, the mobile and the static, it offers an argument for the synthesis of art and technology.

Thanksgiving Listicle Cover

The Books We’re Most Thankful for: A Gratitude Practice

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, we’re celebrating this holiday season by sharing the books that we’re most grateful for.

Isata Kanneh-Mason Recital Image
On Campus

Isata Kanneh-Mason’s Solo Recital: Patient, Bold, Spectacular

Isata Kanneh-Mason delivered a stellar performance that was elevated by her immense talent and enhanced by her meticulous attention to detail.

Darkest Dungeon

Five Video Games to Play Before Halloween

No matter what players are looking for — whether it be gore, jump scares, or psychological horror — there is certainly a game out there to fulfill their needs.

White Snake Projects' "MONKEY"

‘Monkey’ Review: A Delightful Failed Experiment

White Snake Projects' transmedia opera "Monkey: A Kung Fu Puppet Parable" is strongest in the few moments it allows the audience to breathe.

"Castlevania: Nocturne" Season Review Image

‘Castlevania: Nocturne’ Season Review: Violence Made Beautiful

The action sequences are not only viscerally satisfying to watch thanks to weighty sound-design and deft camera movement, but stunningly beautiful, boasting an array of vibrant colors and well-composed frames.