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Hailey E. Krasnikov

Hailey E. Krasnikov is an associate editor of Flyby Blog and a contributing writer for Arts. She is Diversity and Inclusivity Chair of the 151st Guard.

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Harvard in Winter

The Harvard February: Winter Vignettes by Crimson Arts

Several Harvard students reflect on the subtleties of a dormant nature, memories long past, and how to find the light in the darkness of winter.

chaos remy
Flyby Blog

How To: Be Your Most Chaotic Self in Spring 2024

Whether you want to be an academic weapon or an actual loose cannon, Flyby has some tips for you on how to become the most chaotic version of yourself this semester.

back-to-school shopping!!
Flyby Blog

A Semi-Practical Guide for Back-to-School Shopping

From conquering frat flu to securing that name brand internship, our shopping list will touch on every essential aspect of Harvard life.

Tessa Violet Profile Image

Artist Profile: Tessa Violet on Her Journey from YouTube to Music

Current musical sensation, Tessa Violet, discusses her origins on social media, views on music creation, and her upcoming adventures on tour.

Cerise Lim Jacobs

Artist Profile: Cerise L. Jacobs on Her Journey from Law School to Activist Opera

Cerise Lim Jacobs, founder of activist opera company White Snake Projects, aims to "desegregate the performing arts in Boston" through relevant, original productions that create social change.

Sarah Natochenny Profile Image

Artist Profile: Sarah Natochenny on Her Life Changing Career Voicing the Pokemon’s Ash Ketchum

Natochenny gave our readers some very straightforward advice: “Be the best, the very best. Like no one ever was.”

things to do not on programming

Things to Do during Visitas That Aren’t on the Programming

Dear Class of 2027, if you want the real rundown about how to spend your ~transformative~ Visitas look no further than this article! Flyby has your back on fun and realistic alternatives to simulate the Harvard experience when the scheduled programming doesn’t seem to be the move.

"Class of '07" Season Review Image

‘Class of ’07’ Review: A Class Reunion Turned ‘Survivor’ Episode

Amazon Prime Video’s new show “Class of ’07” will make one fear going to their high school reunion in an unbelievably engaging way.


Putting Society’s Ableism into Perspective

I remember how much I struggled to find the right words to write — staring at the computer screen for hours, refusing to write the word “disabled.”

"Live to Lead" Review Image

‘Live to Lead’ Review: The Stories of RBG, Jacinda Ardern, And Other Powerful Changemakers

Netflix’s docuseries, “Live to Lead” is the spark of inspiration Generation Z needs right now, for anyone interested in moving mountains in the realm of social justice.

"That '90s Show" Review Image

‘​​​​That ’90s Show’ Review: A Light-Hearted Break from Reality

However, one can clearly see how this overly emphasized comedy may either take away from the story or make it even more enjoyable for its viewers.

Flyby Blog

Dating Apps? Nah, Datamatch

Are you looking for a new friend or something more *wink wink*? Well have no fear, Datamatch is here!


‘The Recruit’ Review: Confusion, Captivation, and Centineo

Any viewer in search of adrenaline, drama, or suspense is sure to enjoy “The Recruit”’s whirlwind, adrenaline-filled story.

"Pepsi, Where's My Jet?" Still

‘Pepsi, Where's My Jet?’ Review: A Tale of Advertising and Ambition

“Pepsi, Where’s My Jet?” shows Pepsi and advertising in a unique light, while providing some interesting personalities on screen — a true lesson to companies to be careful with what they promise customers, even if they want to sell more of their product.


‘From Scratch’ Review: A Love Story in Flames

For any viewer looking for a show to build their hopes up then destroy them in the best way possible, “From Scratch” is the perfect choice.