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Stolen Art Design

The Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum: What the Robbery Can Teach Us About Loss

The unoccupied frames represent a welcoming sense of hope that their former occupants will, one day, be found and repatriated.

Central Perk

Central Perk Review: The One with the Disappointing ‘Friends’ References But Delicious Chocolate Olive Oil Cake

The emphasis on the “Friends” theme and the experience of sharing a big couch with strangers can be overstimulating.

Sitka Still 1

Artist Profile: Sitka, The Great Colorist Behind a Charming Newbury Street Gallery

Sitka, always bold and playing by his own rules, is working towards his dream after building his dream gallery.

Water Bottle Image

What the Hell Happened: Is the Stanley Tumbler Craze Unique?

The Stanley cup trend serves as an indicator for personality, status, and wellbeing — while evidently driving people crazy on the side.

'Cost of Living' Photo

‘Cost Of Living’ Review: The Agony of Taking Care and Being Taken Care Of

“Cost Of Living” is unique in the fact that it does not simply cause the audience to merely sympathize with the characters — they relate to them.

Winteractive 4

WINTERACTIVE: A Canadian Art Experience in Downtown Boston

WINTERACTIVE is a free art installation that consists of 16 diverse art pieces, forming a walkable path through the neighborhood.

Harvard in Winter

The Harvard February: Winter Vignettes by Crimson Arts

Several Harvard students reflect on the subtleties of a dormant nature, memories long past, and how to find the light in the darkness of winter.