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Valentine's Day Books Listicle Graphic

Narratives of Love: Books to Read This Valentine’s Day

Whether you’re seeking heartwarming romance, personal reflection, or love poems to the earth, this curated list of recommendations has something for everyone.

Antonia Hylton and Jesse McCarthy Image

Antonia A. Hylton ’15 Visits Harvard Square for Her Inaugural Book Tour

On Thursday, Feb. 1, Antonia A. Hylton ’15 discussed her debut book “Madness: Race and Insanity in a Jim Crow Asylum” at the Cambridge Public Library.

Antonia Hylton and Jesse McCarthy Image

Antonia Hylton and Jesse McCarthy Image

Antonia A. Hylton and Jesse McCarthy at the Cambridge Public Library on Feb. 1.

Barker Center
Humanities Division

Author Alma Guillermoprieto Talks Language and Cultural Identity at Harvard Writers Speak Conversation

Authors Alma Guillermoprieto and Valeria Luiselli discussed cultural identity, language, and portrayals of violence in literature and journalism at a Thursday speaker event hosted by the Harvard Mahindra Humanities Center.

Noah Kahan Mansfield

Concert Review: Noah Kahan Dazzles a Hometown Crowd

Noah Kahan performed a rousing set to nearly 20,000 fans, radiating sensitivity, heartbreak, and an untethered love for New England.

Sasha Denisova, Ukrainian playwright and director

Artist Profile: Sasha Denisova Merges Comedy and Tragedy in “The Gaaga”

Sasha Denisova, celebrated Ukrainian playwright and director, merges comedy and tragedy, fact and fiction, and the serious and the imaginative in "The Gaaga," a site-specific phantasmagoria.

MIT.nano Building Image

Listening to What Cannot Be Seen: MIT’s Spatial Sound Lab Hosts an Open House

Spatial sound, which gives listeners a “3D” sound experience, is being created and studied right here in Cambridge, Mass.

book to movie adaptation image

Arts List: Our Favorite Book-to-Screen Adaptations

From “Catching Fire” to “Gone Girl,” here are some of The Crimson Arts’ favorite (and one not-so favorite) book-to-screen adaptations!

'Not Strong Enough' Single Image

‘Not Strong Enough’ Single Review: The Return of boygenius With Their Latest Album

Notably, “Not Strong Enough” features an intricate layering of vocals, in which the artists offer both solos and harmonies.

"Jesus Revolution" Still

‘Jesus Revolution’ Review: A Not-So-Revolutionary Biopic

The film gracefully ties together two plots through a series of converging moments, all of which center around the rapidly growing Calvary Chapel.

Margaret Atwood Speaks at Sanders Theatre
Humanities Division

Margaret Atwood Discusses Her New Book ‘Old Babes in the Wood’ at Harvard Sanders Theatre Event

Two-time Booker Prize-winning author Margaret Atwood spoke to a packed crowd of fans in Sanders Theatre on her newly published short story collection “Old Babes in the Wood” Thursday.

So You Want to Listen to American Folk Spotify Playlist

So You Want to Listen to American Folk image

So You Want to Listen to American Folk

The trajectory of American folk music follows the trajectory of American history.

Beacon Hill

Our Favorite Things To Do in Boston and Cambridge: Winter Edition

Given the ongoing winter, here are some fun outings that will make you dread the cold a bit less.

How to be a (Young) Antiracist

Dr. Ibram X. Kendi and Nic Stone: ‘How to Be a (Young) Antiracist’ Book Tour

“How to Be a (Young) Antiracist” is a piece of literature and movement that successfully and gently introduces topics of anti-racism to the next generation.