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Alvin Ailey Still 5
On Campus

Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater Review: Mortality-Defying Movement

Alvin Ailey served as a reminder that good art can evoke synesthesia — the audience could see music, hear emotion, and feel color.

Royel Otis Still 1

Artist Profile: Royel Otis on Chemistry, Whimsy, and Rising Fame

The result of Royel Otis’s now-finely-tuned authentic collaboration is a nostalgic sound and charismatic connection.

Kwesi James Headshot

Artist Profile: Kwesi James, Professional Trier, Is ‘Not Good at Anything’

With an ambitious yet generous approach to life, James doesn’t take no for an answer and would give nearly anything in the world a try.

Eliza McLamb Photo 1

In Photos: Eliza McLamb Live in Cambridge

On Friday, Eliza McLamb performed at The Sinclair in Cambridge, fostering an intimate connection with her audience.

Social Media Design

Instagram’s Content Crackdown is Worse Than You Think

This policy is a warning of the power that large internet platforms hold — both in providing people access to critical information and in stripping it away.

Women's History Month

In Harmony: Women’s History Month Vignettes

As we (and the flowers) turn our faces towards the sun, what better to do than listen to music made by powerful, talented, beautiful women?

Weeks in the Summer

Harvard in Bloom: Springtime Stories from The Crimson’s Arts Board

With spring break concluded, spring at Harvard is a time for memories to be made.

Celeste Ng Headshot

Harvard Authors Profile: Celeste Ng Cares About More Than the Truth

Ng writes her fiction novels wielding a metaphorical crowbar, prying apart stories that initially appear objective to reveal inner nuances.

Artist Spotlight Design

Artist Spotlight Vignettes: The Crimson’s Arts Board’s Favorite Artists

Consuming art is an individual and personal experience — an experience dependent on the life, values, and character of the consumer.

Cookie Week Review 1

Recipe Review: The New York Times’s 2023 Cookie Week

Over winter break, The Harvard Crimson tried the New York Times's holiday cookie recipes, with the goal of testing how college students could fare against professionals.

stella vanity photo
Year in Review

Arts Vanity: Ranking My Obscure Musical Instruments

I have 16 obscure musical instruments stored within my approximately 100-square-foot dorm room.

Thanksgiving Listicle Cover

The Books We’re Most Thankful for: A Gratitude Practice

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, we’re celebrating this holiday season by sharing the books that we’re most grateful for.

TV Endings Thinkpiece Image

TV Shouldn’t Merely Satisfy: Lessons from 'Succession' and 'Barry' Finales

Perhaps in a world of constant reboots and remakes, there’s something simply better about writers cutting off their own series, rather than slowly squeezing the life out of it.


From Boston Asian American Film Festival: Lulu Wang’s Bold New Project

On Oct. 22, the Boston Asian American Film Festival screened an episode of the upcoming television series “Expats,” alongside a live panel with director Lulu Wang.

'The Fox (What Does the Fox Say?)' Retrospective Image

In Which We Finally Figure Out What The Fox Says: A 10-Year Retrospective

To psychologize the voice of another being is a lofty task, indeed.