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ISCARIOT: The Musical

Avoiding the Monolith: How Harvard Artists Create Queer Asian Theater

In conversations with The Harvard Crimson, student actors, writers, and directors described their experiences telling these stories, sharing their thoughts on identity labels, and expressing the importance of LGBTQ Asian representation.

Money vs Wealth

‘Succession’ and Fashion: How to Dress the Part

Ultimately the fashion of “Succession” tells a story: who fits in, who doesn’t, and who’s trying their hardest to claw their way to the top of the heap.

"Succession" Season 4 Episode 3 Review Image

‘Succession’ Season 4 Episode 3 Review: For Whom The Bell Tolls?

Season 4 Episode 3 of "Succession" brings shocking twists and stellar acting in a continuation of the excellent final season.

"Eyes Closed" Cover

‘Eyes Closed’ Review: The Beginning of the Ed Sheeran Renaissance?

While far from the chart-topping domination of Sheeran’s “Divide,” the single marks a return to his roots for the English singer-songwriter.

Lupe Fiasco
On Campus

In Photos: Lupe Fiasco at Harvard Law School

A Grammy award-winning rapper and a visiting scholar at MIT, Lupe Fiasco led an event for Harvard Law School affiliates to learn about the Royal Game of Ur this March.

Cody Ko

‘Energy is Everything’: Cody Ko on His Latest YouTube Channel and Staying Motivated

Ko doesn’t hesitate to paint a picture of the realistic, and even humorous, struggles of endurance training.

Eliza McLamb Profile Photo

Artist Profile: Eliza McLamb is a Musical Conduit for Spirituality

McLamb has taken advantage of the last few years as a time to focus on fostering community with her musical gift.

Lin Messner Image

Author Profile: Grace Lin and Kate Messner on Storytelling and Their New Book

With “Once Upon a Book,” Lin and Messner have successfully balanced audacity and humility to tell a beautiful story rife with complexity.

Karen Chee Still

Artist Profile: Comedian Karen ‘Big Dog’ Chee on Embracing Comedy With Kindness

Karen Chee ’17 is a comedic “big dog” — or at least that’s what her coworkers call her. But what did she do to earn such a noble title?

An assortment of home-cooked dishes just in time for the holidays.

Foods that Feel Like Home

The way I can taste the Earth in every bitter bite. How could it not feel like home?

Miles Bonsignore Launches New Project, "The Perfect Person Podcast."

Miles Bonsignore of ‘Try Guys’ Fame Has a New, Perfect Podcast

“The great magic trick of my career is that I always wanted this."

Shirley Chen Headshot
On Campus

Artist Profile: Shirley Chen on History, Identity, and ‘Chinatown, My Chinatown’

On Oct. 21 and 22, Chen’s senior thesis “Chinatown, My Chinatown” will come to life in two parts: first, a 25-minute "living museum" installation, followed by a 60-minute one-woman one-act show.

"Celestial" Ed Sheeran

‘Celestial’ Review: Ed Sheeran's LatestMay Miss the Mark For Diehard Sheerios

With “Celestial,” Sheeran makes a bold, albeit potentially unsuccessful, venture outside his wheelhouse.

Phionah Still
On Campus

Harvard Square Open Market Brings Community to Cambridge

The market is a result of the Harvard Square Business Association’s partnership with New England Open Markets and offers an opportunity for small businesses that may not otherwise have the option to sell goods in person to reach a larger client base.

Jaeschel Image 3

Artist Profile: YoungJae On Identity, Performance, and His Recent Success

“In my ideal world, I’m able to excel in each one of those: scholar, athlete, artist. If I can do those three things, it’s the most authentic form of myself. I’ll be unlimited.”