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The Scoop

35 Years of Friendship Between Cambridge and Yerevan

Cambridge and Yerevan became sister cities because of a group of Cambridge citizens hoping to build a civilian bridge between the United States and the USSR to ease inflammatory rhetoric during the Cold War. The cities’ relationship has now lasted 35 years.

An assortment of home-cooked dishes just in time for the holidays.

Foods that Feel Like Home

The way I can taste the Earth in every bitter bite. How could it not feel like home?

Panorama of Back Bay buildings reflected in Storrow Lagoon, Boston.

From the Boston Book Festival: ‘Boston in 100 Words’ Writing Contest Makes Authors of Us All

On Saturday, Oct. 29, past winners of the contest, current judges, and the contest’s lead organizer joined Boston residents at the Boston Book Festival to present a panel discussing topics ranging from the creative process of tackling 100 word-vignettes to building community through storytelling.

The shape of a bell outlined by the word "poetry" in different languages.

From the Boston Book Festival: Silence in Poetry

In the workshop “The Silence After a Bell: Crafting Poems Beyond Language” hosted at the Goethe-Institut, Allison Adair and Sandra Lim shared readings from their own collections and invited workshop participants to consider the role and sound of silence in spoken verse.

On Campus

Redefining Costume with KAIROS Dance Theater’s ‘HUSK/VESSEL’

Although the performers’ impressive displays of energy were interspersed with longer stretches of choreography that lacked momentum, KAIROS Dance Theater’s narrative exploration of costume in dance was ultimately one to remember.

Grolier 95th Anniversary Image

Grolier Poetry Book Shop Celebrates 95th Anniversary

“As a person who writes specifically poetry, I think it's imperative to have poetry-specific places,” Olayiwola said.


Impressions: The Duality of Bass, Multi-instrumentality, and Discovering Indie-Folk Artists on Spotify with Ben J. Dreier ‘22-23

I just have a lot more fun with music in college now.

Life Alive Harvard Square

What a Time to be Alive: Spring Comes Early in Harvard Square with Life Alive

Nothing could be more timely than the opening of Harvard Square’s newest establishment and blackhole for college student dollars: Life Alive.

Life Alive Harvard Square

Life Alive Harvard Square

Life Alive is a Boston-area chain of cafes that serve organic, plant-based dishes.

Lana Wagner Image

Impressions: Vintage Fashion, Jazz Music, and “Dad Rock” with Lana R. Wagner ‘25

I find it very satisfying to take this physical media and representation of art and put all this care into queuing up the vinyl, making sure the audio sounds right, and then playing it on air.

"Solar Power" (Deluxe Edition) Cover Art

‘Solar Power (Deluxe Edition)’ Review: Closing the Chapter on Lorde’s Golden Age

The two bonus tracks on the deluxe edition of “Solar Power” are just the vibes we need as we wrap up 2021.


Revamping Wardrobes at Boston University’s Wheelock Family Theatre’s Halloween Costume Sale

For many young actors, the lingering effects from being in isolation remain as actors return back to the black box.

Hailey Bieber as Britney Spears

Top Five: Celebrity Halloween Costumes

With the combined powers of designer wardrobes and the best makeup artists money can buy, celebrities put forward their best Halloween looks

On Campus

On Anderson Cooper’s ‘Vanderbilt’: Extravagance and the American Elite

“I think it’s really monumental that the true story of the Vanderbilt family is being rewritten by a gay man, a single father,” he said.