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Merritt More
On Campus

Artist Profile: Dr. Merritt A. Moore ’10-’11 on Art, Science, and Saying ‘Yes’ to Both

Dr. Merritt A. Moore ’10-’11 excels at many things — particularly at saying “yes.”

Miss America Still

Artist Profile: Miss America Madison Marsh on Serving the Nation in Boots and a Crown

Even as she serves as a role model as Miss America or soars through the sky as a pilot, Marsh remains grounded.

Tom Rush

‘No Regrets’: Tom Rush ’63’s Path from Leverett to Legendary

While Rush may have once been anxious about his post-Harvard path, he managed to go on to build careers for himself and other musicians.

Women's History Month

In Harmony: Women’s History Month Vignettes

As we (and the flowers) turn our faces towards the sun, what better to do than listen to music made by powerful, talented, beautiful women?

Weeks in the Summer

Harvard in Bloom: Springtime Stories from The Crimson’s Arts Board

With spring break concluded, spring at Harvard is a time for memories to be made.

Artist Spotlight Design

Artist Spotlight Vignettes: The Crimson’s Arts Board’s Favorite Artists

Consuming art is an individual and personal experience — an experience dependent on the life, values, and character of the consumer.

Jed Paul Profile Photo

Artist Profile: TikTokker Jed Paul on How to See the City from (Below) the Ground Up

Boston’s shared scorn for the shortcomings of the MBTA is also a crucial component of its community — one that Paul has seamlessly mobilized.

marin vanity photo
Year in Review

Arts Vanity: An Introduction to the Modern Joni Mitchell Fan

A cursory catalog of select favorite Joni Mitchell fan types I encountered at The Gorge this summer.

The Best Book I've Read for a Harvard Course

The Best Books We’ve Read for a Harvard Course

Here we share some of our favorite books that we’ve read for a Harvard course, and we hope you’ll consider checking these works out as well!

“New England Decorative Arts”

A Graveyard, Democratizing Decoration, and Art Beyond Repair: Joyce Kozloff’s ‘New England Decorative Arts’ at Harvard Station

A colorful, eight by 83-foot-long ceramic tile mural against a gently curved wall, Joyce Kozloff's "New England Decorative Arts" has enlivened the Harvard bus terminal’s double-ramp walkway since its installation.

Sarah E. Lewis '01

Curating a Counter Narrative: Sarah E. Lewis on Art, Vision & Justice

An ever-rising star both in and out of the Harvard gates, Lewis has garnered some of the most prestigious recognitions for her work and impact.

"Blue Sky on the Red Line."

Harvard Station’s ‘Blue Sky on the Red Line,’ and A Case for the Art We Speed Past

I spent an hour and a half in the Harvard Square bus terminal. It wasn’t long enough.

Opium Pipe Image
On Campus

‘Objects of Addiction’: Community-Focused Curation at the Harvard Art Museums

“Objects of Addiction” is shaped by collaboration and community.

Bosco Sodi: "Origen"
On Campus

‘Origen’: Bosco Sodi Installs Reflective Contemplation at the Harvard Art Museums

Bosco Sodi’s “Origen” expertly mirrors and grounds its museum context within its gold and terracotta forms, captivating the viewer in its alternating themes of reflection and absorption.

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