Zoa Archer as Romeo

What If?’s ‘Romeo and Juliet’ Review: Vibrant, Queer, Briliant

What if Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet” was two girls kissing in a secret psychedelic basement?

Bill Irwin in "On Beckett"

‘On Beckett’ Review: Bill Irwin’s Play Is a Captivating Theatrical Lecture

After 90 minutes Bill Irwin looked at the audience one last time before saying his final line: “This is all I have to say tonight, “ skillfully leaving the audience wanting more — more  “On Beckett” and more Bill Irwin.

Sophie Garrigus as Lorna James in "The Effect"
Visual Arts

‘The Effect’ Preview: ‘Love, Drugs, and Ethics’

“The Effect,” running Nov. 10 through Nov. 13 at the Loeb Ex, follows two volunteers in a clinical trial who fall in love. It aims for realism and an immersive, thought-provoking experience.


‘Iolanthe’ Preview: Gilbert and Sullivan's Latest is ‘Beautiful and Sensitive, Yet Hilarious’

"Iolanthe" mixes love with a critique of Victorian Britain to the tune of a 25 instrument orchestra, and runs Nov. 10 through Nov. 13 at the Agassiz Theater.

HCSUCS Group Picture

The Harvard College Stand-up Comic Society Strives for Openness, Embraces the Silliness

HCSUCS is open to everyone, and provides a space for anyone who is interested in stand-up to stop by, listen, or, as Yoo puts it, “riff, as the industry lingo goes…”

Chazz Palminteri Picture

‘A Bronx Tale’ Review: Chazz Palminteri Brings the Bronx to Boston

“A Bronx Tale” is a glittering tribute to people like Lorenzo who tirelessly strive for a better life for themselves and the ones they love.

"Hairspray" Photo

‘Hairspray’ Review: A Triumphant Return to Boston Despite Outdated Plot

Broadway in Boston did a phenomenal job assembling a strong cast and delivering a triumphant return of the show to Boston. But it leaves one question unanswered: At what point does a show need to be retired or re-written?

"Something Rotten" Photo

‘Something Rotten’ Preview: Hyperion Breaks with Tradition, Stages a Musical

“It's the most funny show out there. ‘Infectiously happy’ is a nice way to describe it,” said director Samuel F. Dvorak '23.

The cast of Kirkland Drama Society's "Quadyssey"

Kirkland Drama Society Brings Hocodysseus Home in 'Quadyssey'

On Oct. 21, the Kirkland Drama Society staged its production of "The Quadyssey," the epic tale of Hocodysseus' return to Ithakirk from the distant Quad.

"In the Heights" image

‘In the Heights’ Preview: Teatro! Brings Washington Heights to Loeb

Not only is it a story of tension between Nina’s Puerto Rican family and Benny as an African American, but it’s also a queer story between two young women.

La Boheme Photo

‘La Bohème’ Review: Boston Lyric Opera Gloriously Reimagines Puccini’s Masterpiece

Boston Lyric Opera and Yuval Sharon bring the timeless story of love and loss to audiences in a way never before seen without compromising Puccini’s original vision.

Tina Turner Musical Photo

'TINA' Review: Zurin Villanueva Shines On Stage

As Villanueva, Nesby, and Johnson sang, the audience was transported back in time — as if hearing Tina Turner herself through each moment of her life.

Heroes of the Fourth Turning Picture

‘Heroes of the Fourth Turning’ is an Intellectual Obstacle Course

“Heroes of the Fourth Turning” offers a surprisingly underrepresented and risky approach: listening — really listening — to the perspectives of white right-wing conservatives.

Hyperion Shakespeare Company directors during audition

A Peek Into the Audition Room at HRDC’s Common Casting

Every season, some students face the privileged and difficult decision of choosing between shows with conflicting schedules; others might be disappointed or relieved by their names’ absence from the cast lists.

"Eastbound" Photo

‘Eastbound’ Is a Celebration of Identity Through Dance

A joyous celebration of tradition, creativity, exploration, and freedom that seemed just as fun to perform as it was to watch.