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Claire Saffitz ’09 Cropped

Artist Profile: Claire J. Saffitz ’09 on Bread, Butter, and the Roads Less Traveled

Looking back on her career, over a decade after she was one of countless black caps lining the Yard for Harvard Commencement, Saffitz seems to have made the right choice.

So You Want to Listen to Afrobeats Spotify Playlist

So You Want to Listen to Afrobeats Image

So You Want to Listen to Afrobeats? Here’s Where You Can Start.

For those looking to be a legend on aux at the next function, here are a few Afrobeats songs to add to your repertoire.

Anya Vanity Image 2

Arts Vanity: Windows Down, Broken Aux Cord: A Groove Groove Revolution

There are a few simple truths in life: Roosters will always crow at dawn, Floridians will never learn how to use their turn signals on 6-lane highways, and, if riding in my car, anticipate a few brief intermissions in the tracklist.

An assortment of home-cooked dishes just in time for the holidays.

Foods that Feel Like Home

The way I can taste the Earth in every bitter bite. How could it not feel like home?

Rolling Loud Festival Image

From Rolling Loud Miami: The ‘Free YSL’ Movement on the Festival Grounds

This past May, Young Thug, Gunna, and various other members of Young Thug's YSL Records were arrested and indicted by a grand-jury on RICO charges.

Playboi Carti's Signature Stage Makeup

From Rolling Loud Miami: Playboi Carti is All the Rage

If there is anything Playboi Carti is known for, aside from his cryptic tweets and unhinged vocals, it would be his fanbase’s unwavering ability to rage.

Aminé Has Fun On Stage

From Rolling Loud Miami: Aminé Brings the Block to Miami

The crowd’s unfamiliarity with his songs didn’t stop Aminé from putting on an amazing performance. For long-time fans, watching his set felt like a journey through his artistic development.

Black Arts Collective Design
On Campus

The Black Arts Collective: The Students Creating Space for Black Arts on Campus

“There was a space that was lacking on campus for Black people to come together as a collective and create and appreciate art in a way that was healing and was empowering for us and for them.” Sesay said.

Anya Vanity Photo

Arts Vanity: I Would Sell my Kidney to Meet Bruno Mars

In the common room of our Lowell suite, one of my eight blockmates posed the question which would come to redefine our relationship forever: What would you give up to meet your favorite celebrity?

Amazon Prime Video Tampa Baes Season 1 Review Still

'Tampa Baes' Season One Review: ‘Baes’ Struggles to Entertain

While viewers can grasp the broader structure of the series, a lack of character transparency and boring relationships make “Tampa Baes” a series not worth finishing.

"Unbothered" by Oompa

Album Review: Oompa’s “Unbothered” Builds a Legacy of Joy

An acclaimed rapper and spoken word poet known for her unfaltering flow and authentic storytelling, Oompa’s music is truly art, embodying the intersection of earnest introspection and lively beats.


'Dear White People' Season Four Review: The Final Season of 'Dear White People' is Intriguing yet Unfulfilling

This season’s inability to balance realistic character development and genuine emotional conflict in between oddly placed homages to NSYNC leaves viewers wondering if “Dear White People” was even worth finishing.


Here’s Why ‘White Lotus’’s Mossbacher Family Feels Too Familiar

Call it unjust or unfair — “The White Lotus” is simply a reflection of real life. There are millions of people who view themselves as proponents of social change, yet are unwilling to take steps which may lessen their hegemony.

"Synchronic" Still

‘Synchronic’ Review: ‘Interstellar’’s Younger Cousin is an Almost Success

Although occasionally difficult to follow, “Synchronic” is a fairly entertaining and intriguing combination of sci-fi, thriller, and comedy — it’s worth watching, as long as you don’t think about it too much.