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Wicked Times Square image

A Black Woman’s Analysis of ‘Wicked’ The Musical: Examining Elphaba’s Story 20 Years Later

More than the beautiful score and mystical spectacle, "Wicked" tells a story that can resonate with many Black women — demonstrated through Elphaba's development and realization of her own power and strength in spite of villainization.

Bruno Major Concert Review Photo 1

Concert Review: Bruno Major’s Impassioned Roadrunner Performance

Bruno Major met and surpassed every expectation, leaving only one question: When is he dropping the live album?

"Assassins" Lyric Stage Company of Boston

‘Assassins’ Review: Balancing Terror and Comedy

Lyric Stage's “Assassins” is seamless. There is never a dull moment, and the show is guaranteed to leave audiences speechless.

"Sisterly Resistance" by Jules Arthur
On Campus

'Call and Response: A Narrative of Reverence to Our Foremothers in Gynecology'

An impressive amount of historical background and research accompanies the newest exhibit, detailing the ways the art pieces intersect with history while uncovering the dark truths behind anthropology, sociology, and our overall medical system.

Sister Act at the Lyric Stage Company of Boston

‘Sister Act’ Review: 'Sunday Morning Fever'

How does a convent of nuns find itself intertwined with nightclubs and gangsters?

37th Annual Cultural Rhythms show
On Campus

37th Annual Cultural Rhythms Show: Welcome to the Block Party

Cultural Rhythms 2023 was a festival of unification.

Red Moon In Venus Album Artwork

‘Red Moon In Venus’ Review: A Celestial Music Journey

This long-anticipated album is a treat for fans as it maintaining similar musical motifs to “Sin Miedo,” while also exploring novel sounds.


‘Bel-Air’ Season 2 Premiere Review: The Fresh Prince Is Back

“Bel-Air” is consistent with its interweaving of social issues affecting the Black community into the plot, while also highlighting the role of young people in attempts to make change.


‘Kindred…’ but not Really: The Dissection of the Adaptation

The TV series “Kindred,” which premiered on Dec. 13th of last year, was created by Branden Jacobs-Jenkins and aimed to modernize Butler's novel.

Adam Melchor Concert Image 1

Adam Melchor Concert Review: 'Here Goes Nothing'

Catching up with him after the concert, The Harvard Crimson asked him how he felt after his performance. “I feel great about it, it's so nice to be able to play live,” he said.

Jericho Brown Reading Image

Jericho Brown Reading Image

Pulitze Prize-winning poet Jericho Brown gave the Morris Gray Poetry Reading on Nov. 7.

Jericho Brown Reading Image

Jericho Brown Inspires Attendees at Morris Gray Poetry Reading

The comments from attendees made it clear that Brown’s work can connect different generations of people and bridge the gap between older and more contemporary definitions of poetry.

An assortment of home-cooked dishes just in time for the holidays.

Foods that Feel Like Home

The way I can taste the Earth in every bitter bite. How could it not feel like home?

Ben Platt concert agganis image 3

Ben Platt Concert Review: Reverie Tour and Platt's Escape from Musical Theatre

Platt’s work shows his path as an artist and creator is ever changing, as he is also figuring himself out, as we all are.