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UN Fourth World Conference on Women Image
On Campus

‘Solidarity! Transnational Feminisms Then and Now’ Review: An Exploration of Global Feminist Iconography

Ultimately, “Solidarity! Transnational Feminisms Then and Now” offers a remarkable opportunity for visitors to witness the rich tapestry of feminist history and consider the challenges and triumphs of global feminist movements, both then and now.

UN Fourth World Conference on Women Image

UN Fourth World Conference on Women Image

Posters from the 1995 Beijing UN Fourth World Conference on Women on display at the exhibition "Solidarity! Transnational Feminisms Then and Now."

TwoSet Violin World Tour 2023
On Campus

TwoSet Violin Review: A Comedic, Innovative Intervention for Classical Music

TwoSet Violin’s concert was a breath of fresh air for the world of classical music, bridging the gap between comedy and the traditional formality that classical music often brings to the table.

Tate McRae Concert Review Image

Concert Review: Tate McRae Showcases Her Tremendous Talent and Charismatic Stage Presence

Tate McRae’s stop in Boston on her tour was an evening of passion and connection.


Comfort Shows To Get You Through Finals

In honor of the end of the semester, here is a selection of the Arts board's favorite comfort shows.

Flowers of Fire Image

‘Flowers of Fire’ Review: A Compelling Exploration of South Korea’s Feminist Movement

“Flowers of Fire” is a compelling exploration of South Korea's feminist movement that offers readers a nuanced understanding of its history and cultural context.

Sacre image

Circa’s ‘Sacre’ Review: Defying the Limits of Circus Performance On Stage

Circa’s original interpretation of Stravinsky’s “The Rite of Spring” spoke to the company’s overall vision of fusing elements of circus performance with traditional performing art forms; namely theater and dance.

Allison Vanity Image

Arts Vanity: A Taylor Swift Song for Every Month

Anyone who knows me is aware that if I’m not in the comforts of my mouse-infested DeWolfe dorm or encompassed by the deafening silence of my thoughts in Lamont, I can be found cycling through Taylor Swift’s entire discography.

Harvard Square Aerial

Gen Z Runs the World: Harvard Square Restaurant Edition

El Jefe’s Taqueria has a new location? Kung Fu Tea has a new competitor in town? Why does Harvard Square have not one, not two, but three ramen restaurants?

"Blake Works I" Image
On Campus

Boston Ballet’s ‘MINDscape’: The Fusion of Classical and Contemporary

These exciting contemporary works not only captivated the audience with their novelty, but also with their revolutionary fusion of classical and contemporary elements in ballet.

Piedmont Shadow Box Still
On Campus

Cultivating Public Art in Cambridge: Piedmont’s Shadow Box

Every inch of Harvard Square must be utilized for small businesses to remain profitable. Within this bustling, commercial zone of Cambridge, however, there lies a hidden gem: A small place for public art.

Four O'Krok Jam
On Campus

‘Pitch Dark at Four O’Krok: A Veri-Cambridge Jam’: A Concert to Remember

Paying homage to their pasts as well as nodding to the future, the three groups truly produced a concert to remember.

"Between Us" Cover Art

‘Between Us’ Review: Little Mix’s Power of Sisterhood Remains

“Between Us” revolves around the power of sisterhood and friendship that has been a theme for Little Mix through all of their years in the spotlight.

Tech Theater Image

Post-Pandemic Technical Theater: Students Readjust to In-Person Roles

Theater productions often rely heavily on the people behind the scenes. However, after more than a year without in-person performances, many students involved in technical theater have graduated, with no one with comparable experience to fill their place.

"The Feels" Cover Art

‘The Feels’ Review: TWICE’s Upbeat Manifestation of Love

Album after album and single after single, TWICE continues to display their dependable character as a top K-pop group.