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95th Academy Awards Poster

The Crimson's 2023 Oscar Coverage

The Crimson Covers the 95th Academy Awards.

"Triangle of Sadness" Best Picture Ballot

Case for Best Picture: ‘Triangle of Sadness’

A daring shift from a long sequence of bodily fluids to a third act of thought-provoking social commentary cemented my love for “Triangle of Sadness.”

"Creed III" Still with Michael B. Jordan

‘Creed 3’ Review: A Cinematic Knock-Out

"Creed 3" is a remarkable exploration of visuals and narrative, creating a film that is instrumental in cementing Adonis Creed’s own memorable legacy.

SZA Concert Image

SZA Concert Review: A Voyage of Stunning Visuals and Remarkable Artistic Vision

For the sixth show of her “SOS Tour” at Boston’s TD Garden on Feb. 28, SZA brought her acclaimed second studio album of the same name to life.

So You Want to Listen to Afrobeats Spotify Playlist

So You Want to Listen to Afrobeats Image

So You Want to Listen to Afrobeats? Here’s Where You Can Start.

For those looking to be a legend on aux at the next function, here are a few Afrobeats songs to add to your repertoire.

Monique Vanity Image

Arts Vanity: Top 10 Rookie Mistakes Made in the 'Hunger Games'

I took it upon myself to craft together 10 of the biggest mistakes rookies would make in the Hunger Games.

'Enola Holmes 2' Still

‘Enola Holmes 2’ Review: Lackluster In Comparison to Its Successful Predecessor

Even though “Enola Holmes 2” dims in comparison to the first film in the mystery series, it is charming nonetheless.

"Till" movie review still

‘Till’ Review: A Must-See True Story That Should Never Be Forgotten

Whether for the film’s portrayal of the horrors of racism or its commentary on the importance of fighting for justice, everyone should see “Till.”

Rihanna Lift Me Up Single

‘Lift Me Up’ Review: Rihanna’s Return To Music After Six Years is Understated Artistry

With the release of her new single that differs from her traditional image of a pop icon, only time will tell where the trajectory of Rihanna’s music is headed.

'Luckiest Girl Alive' Still

‘Luckiest Girl Alive’ Review: A Flawed But Compelling Bestseller Retelling

As a film, “‘Luckiest Girl Alive” succeeds in delivering a strong message that involves complex themes. However, it is in the film’s core scenes of violence and trauma that it fails to reach its potential.

'Mr. Harrigan's Phone' Still

'Mr. Harrigan's Phone' Review: Charming Yet Unremarkable Stephen King Adaptation

“Mr. Harrigan’s Phone” shies away from the reputed author’s traditional horror and instead errs on the side of a charming coming-of-age short story.

The Watcher Still

‘The Watcher’ Review: An Outstandingly Terrifying Depiction of a True Story

“The Watcher” sets itself apart from other stalker films by focusing on unexpected sources of fear apart from the main antagonist.

From Our Bookshelves Graphic

From Our Bookshelves: ‘The Hunger Games’

Reading the novel filled in the blanks of the story I saw on the screen — building a foundation for my admiration for Collin’s series that has lasted for over ten years.


Harvard Student Groups Celebrate Latinx Heritage Month

Student groups at Harvard are celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month by hosting cultural events and discussions on campus.