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Alessandro M. M. Drake

Currently the Music Executive for the Harvard Crimson.

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Black History Month Vignette Cover

On the Record: A Black History Month Vignette

Here’s how The Crimson’s Arts Board embraces Blackness to the fullest (with the volume all the way up).

'Thick with Trouble' Cover

‘Thick With Trouble’ Review: Beauty in the Outskirts of the Ordinary

In her latest collection, Amber McBride spins together a beautiful web of interconnected pieces relating to her identity as a Black woman.

Harvard in Winter

The Harvard February: Winter Vignettes by Crimson Arts

Several Harvard students reflect on the subtleties of a dormant nature, memories long past, and how to find the light in the darkness of winter.

Penn & Teller

Penn & Teller Live Review: With Flourishes, Jokes, and a Sprinkle of Magic, Penn & Teller Mostly Succeed in their Family-Oriented Show

Shedding the traditional mystique of a magic show, some of the more intriguing segments came in the form of explanations.

alessandro vanity photo
Year in Review

Arts Vanity: What Your Favorite Song Length Says About You: A Musical Montage

Welcome. Have a seat! Given that my tenure as music executive soon begins, it is now my time to judge you on the most important minutia of the musical world — song length — and tell you what this means about your worth as a person. Let’s begin.


Fall into Harvard: Autumnal Vignettes from Crimson Arts

Read on for some of the Arts Board’s favorite fall memories, from the beauty of fall foliage in New England to all the delicious tastes of autumn!

Princess Power Review Image

‘Princess Power’ Premiere Review: Colorful Fruitdoms and Geopolitics Galore

Aristocracy, monarchy, geopolitics, climate disasters — these are some of the heavy themes broached by the season opener of “Princess Power,” a new children’s TV show streaming on Netflix.

'Houdini' Single Cover Image

‘Houdini’ Single Review: Dua Lipa is Certainly Back, but it is Time to Take Some Risks

“Houdini” suffers from one major problem: its lack of risks.

'Autumn Variations' Album Review Image

Head to head: ‘Autumn Variations’ vs. the Acoustic Version!

Sheeran’s incredible voice and talented accompaniment on the acoustic version actually complements the lyrics, or at least makes them easier to ignore.

'Autumn Variations' Album Review Image

‘Autumn Variations’ Review: Please Ed, We Know You Can Do Better

With seven albums released, hundreds of songs written, and a decade on top of the pop music industry, is Ed Sheeran beginning to lose his touch?

'GUTS' Album Cover Image

‘GUTS’ Album Review: Olivia Rodrigo Once Again Laughs With Us, Yells With Us, and Cries Us to Sleep

After her 2021 debut album “SOUR,” the world had been holding its breath for what the young singer/songwriter would come up with next.


Comfort Shows To Get You Through Finals

In honor of the end of the semester, here is a selection of the Arts board's favorite comfort shows.

Boat Ed Sheeran Image

‘Boat’ Single Review: Guys, it Only Half-Sunked

In “Boat,” Sheeran leaves the listener craving more substance, emotional charge, and cohesion.

'Ghost of Chicago' Image

‘Ghost of Chicago’ Single Review: Noah Floersch Leaves Us Excited for More

In a mainstream industry filled with over-processed vocals, Floersch stands out.

"Ted Lasso" Season Three Premiere Review Image

‘Ted Lasso’ Season Three Premiere Review: More of the Same? Count Us In!

Retaining its signature wholesome humor and lovable, dynamic characters, “Ted Lasso” stands out as some of the best in television right now, and Season Three seems prepared to hang onto that mantle.