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Sarah and the Sundays

Artist Profile: Sarah and the Sundays, Making Music for Every Day

For Sarah and the Sundays, being a band is truly a unique life experience. As Yorgensen put it, “how many people get to be that loud in their lifetime?”

'The Octopus Murders' Still

‘Octopus Murders’ Premiere Review: A Conspiracy Through New Eyes

Through ample expository intrigue and hope for payoff, Treitz and Hansen are able to renew an extensively theorized, decade-old story.

'Rap Lines' Image

Is Art Evidence? Rap’s Right in Court

This rejection of rap as a legitimate art form is indicative of a much wider ignorance of the genre, as well as its overlooked historical context in society.

Only a Voice Cover Image

‘Only a Voice’ Review: An Accessible, but Incomplete Investigation into Modernity

In this collection of essays, Scialabba is able to infuse character into his steady prose.

'Model Peril' Profile Image

Artist Profile: ‘Model Peril’ Pulls AAPI History to the Present

With its enthralling, yet sobering, effect, “Model Peril” brings light to histories of American people that have nearly been all but erased.

Still of "Boston Strangler"

‘Boston Strangler’ Review: A Murder Mystery with Meaning

“Boston Strangler” goes beyond a simple murder mystery, highlighting the struggles of ambitious women in the workplace and the uncertainty of justice.

Lupe Fiasco
On Campus

In Photos: Lupe Fiasco at Harvard Law School

A Grammy award-winning rapper and a visiting scholar at MIT, Lupe Fiasco led an event for Harvard Law School affiliates to learn about the Royal Game of Ur this March.

Cointelshow: A Patriot Act

‘COINTELSHOW’ Review: An Ironic and Innovative Look into FBI Interference

“COINTELSHOW” offered a masterful, creative use of a virtual setting, but other elements left much to be desired.

Avatar: The Way of Water

Does ‘Avatar’ Use Blueface? Cultural Appropriation and White Saviorism in Film

The casting of predominantly white actors for characters based on people of color serves as an act of appropriation some have dubbed as “blueface.”

Alfie Templeman Image

Artist Profile: Alfie Templeman Soaring with New Album ‘Mellow Moon’

Templeman points out a certain freedom in learning to play music, not by the instruction of a book, but by the personal will of the artist.

Emotive Land Still
On Campus

The Click’s “Emotive Land”: Experience Dance Through Augmented Reality

Alongside a live performance, “Emotive Land” featured pre-recorded routines accessible through an app which allowed passersby to calibrate their location and view a dance set in their current environment.