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Nadia Colburn ’95

Harvard Authors Spotlight: Nadia Colburn on Poetic Process and Inter-Being

Nadia Colburn ’95, a poet, teacher, and writing coach currently based in Cambridge, argues for a holistic approach to writing.

tenci image

Artist Profile: Tenci Lead Singer Jess Shoman on the Band’s Growth

It’s safe to say that with Tenci, Shoman has found their long-sought musical family.

HCSUCS Group Picture

The Harvard College Stand-up Comic Society Strives for Openness, Embraces the Silliness

HCSUCS is open to everyone, and provides a space for anyone who is interested in stand-up to stop by, listen, or, as Yoo puts it, “riff, as the industry lingo goes…”

Pinker Scrut Design

Pinker Scrut Design

Energy Scrut Cover

Energy Scrut Cover

Meet Cute Movie Review Still

‘MEET CUTE’ Review: A Not-So Classy Take on a Classic Trope

And “Meet Cute” definitely doesn’t keep many cards up its sleeve — before the end of the first cliché bar run-in, the audience knows essentially everything they need to know about the movie.

"Celestial" Ed Sheeran

‘Celestial’ Review: Ed Sheeran's LatestMay Miss the Mark For Diehard Sheerios

With “Celestial,” Sheeran makes a bold, albeit potentially unsuccessful, venture outside his wheelhouse.

"Gossip Girl" Image

15 Years Later, ‘Gossip Girl’ Lives On

15 years after the show’s debut, “Gossip Girl” serves as a specific time capsule for a specific era, but its overall content is best left behind us.