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'To All The Boys: Always and Forever’: Closure Has Never Felt So Satisfying

The script for the finale is the most complex one yet. It sets up an intricate network of themes and narrative devices that are returned to and advanced with precision.

Euphoria Special Episode 2 Still

‘Euphoria’ Special Episodes Review: Too Much Talking for Comfort

The second and most recent release spotlights Jules as she uses the Christmas holiday to reflect on the past year.

"home body" cover arr

“home body” Cuts Through the Numbness

What sets “home body” apart from Kaur’s previous collections is how it seems to settle on an origin story for the human condition.

'Boys State' Still

'Boys State' Is a Rollercoaster Through Modern US Politics

A political documentary directed by Amanda McBaine and Jesse Moss, the film follows the Texas Boys State, an annual one-week program where a thousand high school students are put to the task of creating their own government. With dynamic shot composition, intimate character development, and a well-paced story, the film serves as a stunning microcosm of the state of US politics.

Stack of books by windowsill

From Our Writers: What Books Kept You Sane In Quarantine?

Our writers turned to books for solace throughout quarantine: Here are their top picks for what soothed them most.

'All In: The Fight for Democracy' Still

'All In: The Fight for Democracy' Is a Compelling Tapestry of Voting Rights History, But Tears at the Seams

In “All In: The Fight for Democracy,” filmmakers Liz Garbus and Lisa Cortes center on Stacey Abrams, the first Black woman to be a major party’s nominee for Georgia governor.

'First Cow' Still

‘First Cow’ Disappoints With Its On-Again Off-Again Diegetic World

In her latest film “First Cow,” writer-director Kelly Reichardt follows the story of Cookie (John Magaro), a man just ousted from a group of fur trappers in early 19th century America.

'Waves' still

‘Waves’ Showcases the Nature of Narratives

“Waves,” the latest A24 film directed by Trey Edward Shults, takes us on the roller coaster ride of suburban American adolescence.

"Checkerboard" by Erica Licea-Kane
On Campus

An Exploration of the Ambiguities of Space in the Kingston’s Gallery’s ‘Half Spaces’

Artist Erica Licea-Kane eloquently re-words the "half-space" as “a mathematical term for checkerboarding.”

"Mean Ghouls"

The Hasty Pudding Theatricals’ ‘Mean Ghouls’ Builds a World And Then Shatters It Into A Thousand Beautiful Pieces

Through its tailored script, breathtaking performance, and intricate staging, “Mean Ghouls” builds a mystical world then ruptures it in a mesmerizing act of liberation.

BTS 'ON' Still

Music Video Breakdown: 'ON' by BTS

It turns out all of BTS’s members are mischief makers.

In the Heights Still

Movie Trailer Breakdown: ‘In The Heights’

Lin-Manuel Miranda and John M. Chu. What a duo. Could a two minute trailer really do their combined genius justice? The answer is — apparently — yes!

Poetry: A Magazine of Verse Image

This Year in Poetry: 1912

The year of 1912 was an especially important point in the trajectory of American modern poetry, due to the inception of a few key poetry practices and institutions.

tegan and sara image

Tegan and Sara Honor Their Adolescence at the Wilbur

The image of the duo’s younger selves obtained from the show is inseparable from their personas in the current, as the same is probably true for the rest of us.

Kaneza Schaal

Portrait of an Artist: Kaneza Schaal

Kaneza Schaal says: "Part of the work of Triptych is to hold the ghosts that everyone has put into the world."