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Demolicion: Punk and Latinidad

The Present and Futures of Latinx Punk

As movements continue to globalize, the role of of Latinx punks will continue to grow and innovate at the fore of the genre — just as Los Saicos did way back in 1964.

Demolicion: Punk and Latinidad

‘¡Viva Zapata!’ — The Legacies of Latinas in Punk

The feminist punk movement in the Pacific Northwest was catalyzed by a Latina.

"Judas and the Black Messiah" Still

From Sundance: The Radical Humanity of ‘Judas and the Black Messiah’

Featuring “Get Out” star Daniel Kaluuya as Chairman Fred, “Judas and the Black Messiah” is a gripping, honest depiction of the Black Panther Party of the late '60s.

'El Planeta' Still

From Sundance: Comedic Tragedy in ‘El Planeta’

“El Planeta” — the brainchild of artist Amalia Ulman who directed, produced, wrote, and starred in the film — is a comedic, feminist ode to the perennially gray city and to the uniqueness of mother-daughter relationships in the face of tragedy.

'At The Ready' Still

From Sundance: ‘At The Ready’ is an Urgent Look at the Law Enforcement Institution

“At The Ready,” the latest project from documentary filmmaker and photojournalist Crow, follows students in the program as they prepare to compete in the spring’s “Border Challenge Competition” as a way of securing jobs in law enforcement fresh out of high school.

"Ailey" Still

From Sundance: ‘Ailey’ Centers the Poetry in Alvin Ailey’s Choreography

Wignot’s genius comes from putting Ailey front and center.  With its stunning collages of footage and sound, “Ailey” makes viewers feel both relieved that all these records of Ailey exist, and grateful that Jamila Wignot took the fragments and turned them into poetry.

"Son of Monarchs" Still

From Sundance: Metamorphosis and Latinidad in ‘Son of Monarchs’

Through its experimental approach to sound and visuals and its complex storyline colored by magical realism, “Son of Monarchs” is a stunning exploration of what it is to be a Latinx immigrant in the U.S.

"Homeroom" Still

From Sundance: Student Leaders Reclaim the Microphone in ‘Homeroom’

A window into the radical and tumultuous year that was 2020, “Homeroom” is the story of a diverse community during a critical moment in its history that meaningfully centers the moment’s catalysts in the storytelling process.

'Prisoners of the Ghostland' Still

From Sundance: ‘Prisoners of the Ghostland’ is a Wild English-Language Debut

In “Prisoners of the Ghostland,” the prolific director joined one of the U.S.’s most prolific actors, Nicolas Cage, to create a wild but compelling mash-up of Eastern and Western cinematic influences, with cinematography so beautiful it could justify the film's often unhinged plot.

"Passing" Still

From Sundance: The Subtle Art of ‘Passing’

The women are never one thing or another, and instead are constantly caught in a game of appearances and performance — whether intentional or not. And in centering these intimate performances and their contradictions so skillfully, Hall gives Larsen’s timeless novel new life and dimension.

'Summer of Soul' Still

'Summer of Soul' is Revolutionary

Out of one revolution, Thompson crafts another — weaving stories, cultural phenomena, political movements, iconic performances, and intimate footage from a summer spent celebrating Blackness into a must-see film and stunning directorial debut.

'Herself' Still

‘Herself’ is a Touching Testament to Motherhood

In her latest directorial project, “Herself,” Lloyd presents a heart-wrenching tribute to relationships between women with intimate flair and candid performances. Lloyd highlights how strong female relationships are at the foundation of any woman’s struggle for success.

Armie Hammer

Male Fantasies, Male Fantasies: Unpacking the Armie Hammer Scandal

Armie Hammer has become the latest Hollywood actor to be at the center of a sexual abuse scandal.

King Princess' "Only Time Makes Us Human" Video

‘Only Time Makes It Human,’ but King Princess Is Strikingly So

King Princess's recent track, “Only Time Makes It Human” pairs infectious melodies with coy explorations of heartbreak.

Promotional art for AC/DC's "Shot in the Dark"

AC/DC Embrace Their Rock and Roll Roots in ‘Shot In The Dark’

Perhaps the best thing an AC/DC song can sound like is, well, an AC/DC song.