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"Love and Death" Premiere Episodes Review Image

‘Love and Death’ Premiere Review: Elizabeth Olsen Shines within a Painstakingly Slow Introduction

In the first three episodes, it feels as if the story’s accuracy comes at the expense of audience satisfaction.

'Your Place or Mine' Poster

‘Your Place or Mine’ Review: A Cute Movie That Tries Too Hard

Disappointingly, the movie falls into a number of overdone storytelling cliches and fails to give space for watchers to form a connection with the movie.

Before You Knew Image

‘Before You Knew My Name’ Review: An Ambitious Story Missing Something Special

A fun read with a unique twist on a true crime-like story, this novel ultimately spreads itself too thin with an ever-growing cast of ensemble characters.

"We Are the Light" cover.

‘We Are The Light’ Review: An Empathetic Dive into the Human Psyche and the Process of Healing Through Art

“We Are The Light” tugs at heartstrings, but keeps readers engaged with unique prose, impressive character portrayals, and honest human fallibility.

"Present" Cover Art

Khalid’s ‘Present’ Review: A Split from the Norm

Khalid branches away from his intimate and conversational tone while maintaining some of the personal notes which his fans have come to expect.

Scenes From a Marriage Premiere Still

‘Scenes from a Marriage’: Perfect Beginnings from Oscar Isaac and Jessica Chastain

Oscar Isaac and Jessica Chastain shimmer on the screen with striking talent as they portray the growing strains of their characters’ marriage.

Scenes From a Marriage Episode 2 Review Still

‘Scenes From a Marriage’ Episode Two Review: A Deep Dive into the Heart of the the Original Show

Titled “Poli,” the second installment takes bold steps and further dives into the reasons behind the tension between the main characters Mira (Jessica Chastain) and Jonathan (Oscar Isaac).


‘The Chair’ is the Latest Netflix Miniseries That Ends Too Soon

The show goes far beyond solely focusing on inequality within academia. With its six strikingly short, thirty-minute episodes, “The Chair” does an excellent job of leaving audiences wanting more.

Life In Colour Season One Review Still

‘Life in Color’ Review: A Charming Look at the Role Color Plays on Earth

There’s the iconic and well-known face, the beautiful landscape, and the subjects of the show itself — in many ways, “Life in Color” establishes itself in the tradition of Attenborough’s other nature documentaries.

Zero Season One Review Still

‘Zero’ Review: A Look at a Real Life Superhero Through the Eyes of an Average Teen

Filmed completely in Milan with a group of mostly unknown actors, “Zero” was a new venture into foreign-produced superhero franchises for Netflix.

'The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring' Still

‘The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring:’ The Beginning of One of the Greatest Franchises in Cinematic History

With a budget of $281 million and 438 days spent on principal photography, the entirety of the “Lord of the Rings” trilogy set a precedent as one of the most all-encompassing and impressive film endeavors ever taken.

Home Economics ABC season 1 review-still

‘Home Economics’ Review: A Disappointing New Venture from ABC

In the “Home Economics”’ premiere, the moments that try to be funny end up being uncomfortable, and the moments that try to be serious are slow.

Shrek 20th Anniversary

‘Shrek,’ 20 Years Later

The pure joy one feels at any age watching “Shrek” speaks volumes to what the movie represents: a universal connection to relatable, comedic storytelling.

"Shy Away" Music Video

‘Shy Away’ Review: Twenty One Pilots Break From Their Traditions in a Bold Way

“Shy Away” acts as a litmus test for Twenty One Pilots as they wade into new waters with a more upbeat, electronic pop style.

Netflix The One Review Still

‘The One’ Review: An Entertaining Show That Lacks A Special Something

Weaving together people from dramatically different social classes, “The One” capitalizes on individual differences to bring out the humanity in its story.