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Sundays by the River

Did you spend the weekend inside, wistfully wondering where the summer went? Well, thanks to the Sunday Parkland Games, you can enjoy the last weeks of humidity and visible grass with a side of downward dog. Hosted by the Charles River Conservancy and the Department of Conservation and Recreation, the games run on Sundays (concluding on September 30th) from 2-5 p.m. near the Week's footbridge.


Grades Are Up!

Bite your nails, hold your breath, take a shot.... Grades are now up.

Student Life

Craigslist Roommate Hunt: Flyby Advises

You've sent out an imploring message over every house and interest group email list, to no avail. You still need a roommate. Good thing Craigslist has more to offer than serial killers and casual encounters. We know finding someone to physically live with through the virtual world can be daunting, but luckily Flyby is here to help you with a few trustworthy tips.

Food and Drink

Ideas For BoardPlus Spending

Done with exams but not done with BoardPlus? Read on for Flyby's tips to finish up any leftover BoardPlus, whether you want to share the wealth or stock up for the summer.

Student Life

What We're Writing: Flyby Raids Lamont Recycling Bins

First drafts are no longer safe from the eyes of outsiders. Flyby raided the Lamont recycling bins to discover the deeply profound, uncover the roughest of the rough, and unearth a slew of amusing, verbose, and altogether fascinating papers. Here are some lessons we learned and the take-aways for the last stretch of finals:


Study: Yoga Can Improve Mental Health

Practicing yoga instead of taking a traditional physical education class can be an effective way for improving the mental health of high school students, according to a recent study co-led by a Harvard Medical School professor.

On Campus

Spring Journalettes 2012

Magazine writers travel the world.


Miss 'The Hunger Games' Thursday Night? These Students Didn't

This week outside Hurlbut Hall, Madeline J. More '15 caught up on her reading. Her book of choice? "The Hunger Games" by Suzanne Collins. More said that when she first read the book in high school, her fellow students questioned her on why she was reading a "middle school book," to which she always responded, "Oh shit, because it's good!"

Spring Break Journal: Emi F. Nietfeld
Spring Break

Spring Break Journal: Emi F. Nietfeld

On the ferry from Tallinn to Stockholm, a very drunk girl grabbed my wrist and demanded to know where I came from. “Fuck yeah, America!” she yelled. She reached up and ran her hands through my boyfriend’s hair. “I fucking love you guys!” We danced with her Estonian friends at the Ibiza Disco on deck. My boyfriend danced with a blond who had a pock on her arm from the polio vaccine, until a skunk-haired girl yelled at them. We only got two photos with the drunk Estonian girl before Skunky tore her away, too, and bought her another drink.

Spring Break Journal: Alexander J.B. Wells
Spring Break

Spring Break Journalettes 2012


Dr. Ruth Talks Sex and Jeremy Lin

No need to actually watch the game—Dr. Ruth Westheimer has got it covered. The well-known sex therapist, now in her eighties, is decoding Jeremy Lin's recent accomplishments, and using his moves, and basketball in general, to give some pointers about sex. Read on for a play by play:

College Life

It Was Good Until It Wasn't

With less than five seconds on the clock and the Harvard men's basketball team trailing by one point, the Crimson inbounded the ball to junior forward Kyle Casey. Casey faked a pass, turned, and elevated to the net, banking in the go ahead basket to give Harvard the lead! But as the ball sailed through the net, a whistle sounded. The referee signaled an offensive foul against Casey, the basket was waved off, and Penn walked away with the win. Like the last five seconds of Saturday's game, here are five other things that seem awesome, until you realize that they suck.

Testing Datamatch
For The Moment

Putting the Date in Datamatch

Though I found it entertaining to answer questions about David J. Malan ’99 and YouTube memes, meeting someone—the alleged purpose of Datamatch—proved tedious and demoralizing.

Student Life

How Hot is Harvard?

On Valentine's Day, the Atlantic Wire published a much-anticipated ranking of the hottest colleges, as determined by How does the Crimson stack up?