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‘Hyped Just About Right’: How the AI Boom is Reshaping Research at Harvard

As ChatGPT took the world by storm, many raised concerns about how it might help students cheat themselves out of learning. But a year and a half later, AI is changing the work of professors perhaps even more.

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Harvard in the City

Harvard Researchers and Amazon Collaborate to Launch Boston’s First Quantum Network

Harvard physicists took a giant step towards full-scale quantum internet networks this month, creating the longest quantum network so far with cables running between Boston and Cambridge.

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Harvard Researchers Create Largest-Known Map Of Portion of a Human Brain

Researchers at Harvard in collaboration with Google have released the most detailed map of a section of the human brain to date.

Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics

Harvard Center for Astrophysics Facing Financial Strain Following NASA Budget Cuts

The Center for Astrophysics — a collaboration with the Smithsonian Museum and one of Harvard’s top research centers — is facing a declining budget following NASA’s proposal to reduce The Chandra X-ray Observatory’s fiscal year 2025 budget.

60 Oxford Street Renovations

How Harvard Came to the Cutting Edge of Quantum Research

For the past few years, Harvard has publicly been ramping up its investment in quantum science research across the University.

Harvard Medical School

‘Deal with the Devil’: Harvard Medical School Faculty Grapple with Increased Industry Research Funding

As Harvard Medical School research increasingly leans on funding from biopharmaceutical companies to supplement government funding, many HMS researchers have embraced their financial support. Others are more wary.

Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

Science Retracts Paper by Dana-Farber President Over Discrepancies in Multiple Figures

The journal Science retracted a 2006 paper by Dana-Farber Cancer Institute President and CEO Laurie H. Glimcher ’72 on Thursday due to discrepancies in several figures.

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Harvard and the Effort to Bring Back the Wooly Mammoth

Harvard Medical School professor George M. Church didn’t think that by the end of his breakfast in Harvard Square, he would have $100,000 to bring back the wooly mammoth.

Center for Brain Science

Harvard Center for Brain Science Receives Up to $1.7 Million Gift from NTT Research

Harvard University’s Center for Brain Science received a gift of more than $300,000 per year for up to five years from the NTT Research Foundation, the foundation announced Thursday.

Allston Enterprise Research Campus Address

Harvard Launches Lengthy Review Process for Phase B of Enterprise Research Campus

Harvard filed a Letter of Intent to the Boston Planning and Development Agency for Phase B of the Enterprise Research Campus Project this week, kicking off an extensive approval and local engagement process for the final stretch of the next major addition to Harvard’s Allston expansion.

University Hall

Five Harvard Professors Win Guggenheim Fellowship for Research Under ‘Freest Possible Conditions’

Five Harvard professors were awarded the prestigious Guggenheim Fellowship for research, the John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation announced on Thursday.

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Harvard Salata Institute Seed Grant Program Funds 27 Climate Research Projects

The Salata Institute for Climate and Sustainability is funding a new cohort of eight research projects through its Seed Grant Program, joining 19 other Harvard-based projects that have received funding this academic year.

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Harvard Business School Prof. Gino Accused of Plagiarism Following Data Fraud Allegations

HBS professor Francesca Gino was accused of multiple counts of plagiarism in an analysis published in Science Magazine on Tuesday, claims that compound existing allegations of data misconduct.

Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center

Beth Israel Researchers Find ChatGPT Outperformed Physicians in Some Clinical Reasoning Metrics

Researchers at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center found generative artificial intelligence tool ChatGPT-4 performed better than hospital physicians and residents in several — but not all — aspects of the clinical reasoning process, raising questions about the future use of AI in healthcare settings.

Harvard Law School - HLS

Harvard Researchers Say Jail Educational Programs Reduce Recidivism, Violence

An education program at a county jail in Flint, Michigan significantly reduced recidivism, misconduct, and the harms of incarceration, according to a new study co-authored by two Harvard professors.