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Top 5 Superbowl Commercials

The Superbowl has come and gone, but YouTube is forever. And, honestly, whose Tuesday couldn't use a little YouTube? To direct your procrastination and fuel your nascent nostalgia, here's our list of the best commercials of Superbowl XLVII.


3 PM: Dorm Crew

“When I was a freshman doing Fall Clean-Up, one of the captains told me about someone who had a pet rabbit or something, and then just kept all of its waste in a drawer."

The Word: Anacoluthon
In The Meantime

The Word: Anacoluthon

I bought my first diary from Wal-Mart when I was eight years old.

On Campus

Spring Journalettes 2012

Magazine writers travel the world.

Spring Break Journal: Lingjin Zheng
Spring Break

Spring Break Journal: Lingjin Zheng

The view of Montreal from Mount Royal was supposed to be spectacular, so like good American tourists we dutifully climbed the mountain. We were broke, and climbing was free. The snow was beginning to melt, trickling down paths it had carved through the dirt. It soaked through my cheap boots and chilled my toes. We walked alongside old people with canes, small children in wool sweaters, pink-nosed joggers, dogs. When we got to the top, we took some pictures of the mist-covered city, searched in vain for the veiled landmarks, and then we climbed back down.

Spring Break Journal: Alexander J.B. Wells
Spring Break

Spring Break Journalettes 2012

For The Moment

Introducing: Harvard Pornos

Who says that Harvard students don’t have sex? Here at FM, we know the problem isn’t so much our lack ...

In The Meantime

The Word: Misère

The word reeks of the French. It smells like chain smokers who lurk around underground art galleries and whose primary function is to look vaguely jaded in front of tourists. If “Misère” were a person, he would write screenplays where the main characters are afflicted with white people problems like incurable ennui or a liberal arts education. He would read Foucault. That is to say, “Misère” would be a total dick.

Day of Silence
Student Groups

Day of Silence Observed Friday

The Day of Silence, a national event where LGBT students and their supporters take a vow of silence to protest the suppression of youth voices, took place on Friday. The event began in 1996 at the University of Virginia. Since then, the project has spread to middle schools, high schools, and universities all over the nation.

For The Moment

Emerging Spring Fashions

Whether you live on the bleeding edge of fashion or just throw on whatever smells least offensive in the morning, ...


New Haven Struggles to Catch Up

New Haven, home to illustrious Yale University, is in 12th place in CNBC's slideshow "20 Cities You Don’t Want to Live In ... Yet," sandwiched between Memphis, Tenn. in 11th place and Baltimore, Md. in 13th.