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Michelle Timmerman: Endpaper

I'll Have What They're Having

I am about to say two things that have taken me four years to come to terms with and that ...


Just the Tip

Graduating FM executives share a few words of advice.

Jose: Endpaper

Jose: Endpaper

Jose DelReal

Student Life

A PSA From the Internet, To You

Today the internet has a message for you, college students, and it is this: today's hottest social media channels are weapons, and they can and will be used against you (#you). And when they are, writers of well-read blogs will chronicle it and preserve it for posterity. This includes Flyby. This is a public service announcement, then, and it is in brief. If you are going to use the internet, use it wisely. There are many rules, and these are four:


It's Really Okay If...

• You once offered your resume to the guy who opened the door of the Owl, thinking it was OCS.

A Proposal
On Campus

'The End of Courtship' at Harvard?

In 2013, you will probably have a lot of questions about love. These should be five of them: 1. If Ivy Leaguers are refuting The End of Courtship, are they endorsing The End of Empircal Reasoning? 2. Which came first: The End of Courtship, or The End of Men? 3. Was The End of Men before The End of Sex? 4. Would you rather The End of Sex With Men before Courtship, or The End of Courtship with Men before Sex? 5. Is it a coincidence that, as we are battered with The Ends of Everything Sexy, we can turn manically and trustingly to The Beginning of Second Season of "Girls"?

Men's Heavyweight Crew
Harvard in the City

763 Men of Harvard Want Hotness Today

Fair peers at fair Harvard, those of you who are fair, We at Flyby are here to tell you something you may already know: Only half of you are hot, and of those who are, the majority are male. Admissions mistake? Maybe. Oops!


A Guide to FM's 15 Hottest Issue

With a tongue in cheek and pinky in air, FM presents to you our final issue of the year, plein de P.R.E.P. in which even our dogs are dapper-ly decked. Check out Kayla, a preppy puppy puggle who is just as into repetition as we are. Jury's out on how she feels about alliteration. If she doesn't agree, though, we'll just wait 15 years.


FM Learns Its Lines

The subway, the train, the T, the underground, the metro, the tube-whatever you call it, it's how we get around. Boston's happens to be the first, and when one has the world's most ancient subway system, it's easy to dismiss it as old news. But the MBTA has a big birthday this year, and it deserves its rightful centennial celebration. For the week, we played "I Spy." This is what we saw.



On Campus

Spring Journalettes 2012

Magazine writers travel the world.

Spring Break Journal: Michelle B. Timmerman
Spring Break

Spring Break Journal: Michelle B. Timmerman

A cursory survey of bridges of sighs yields: 1. Between Allegheny County Court House and Prison, Pittsburgh, Pa. 2. At Hertford College, Oxford, U.K. 3. Between Old and New Courts of St. John’s College, Cambridge, U.K. 4. Connecting the Tombs and Criminal Court Building, N.Y. 5. Between prisons and interrogation rooms in the Doge’s Palace, Venice, Italy And then, a sixth. James Torrance is no Lord Byron—he didn’t name the bridge, just designed it. But there’s something poetic in the fact that his bridge connects Chelsea Market—the former headquarters of cookie-mogul Nabisco—with an photography studio called Milk.

Spring Break Journal: Alexander J.B. Wells
Spring Break

Spring Break Journalettes 2012

Off Campus


The weekend passed by even faster than the six-babied stroller.


Missed Connections

I am willing to sell the rights to the story sketched below.