No need to actually watch the game—Dr. Ruth Westheimer has got it covered. The well-known sex therapist, now in her eighties, is decoding Jeremy Lin's recent accomplishments, and using his moves, and basketball in general, to give some pointers about sex.

Read on for a play by play:

On her twitter @AskDrRuth, Dr. Ruth suggested that Lin, beyond inspiring victory on the court, can inspire other things too, especially in bed. The "pick and roll" is a Lin-inspired position. Westheimer tweeted that "you do your own scoring while the Knicks are playing." Whether you go for two or three pointers is up to you.

Dr. Ruth also has a few words of advice for particularly speedy individuals. "Just remember there's no 24 second clock in your bedroom," Dr. Ruth tweeted, warning men of the dangers of "stopping and popping" too quickly.

While fond of giving her opinion on most of Lin's moves, she also leaves some things up to her readers. "Back door play?" she asked, adding, "You can figure that one out."

Her Linspiration is not limited to 140 characters. A few days ago, Dr. Ruth wrote a piece for the Daily Beast titled, "What Jeremy Lin, Basketball Teach Us About Sex".

In this, she offered these four pointers:

1. Warm-ups, whether induced by running around the court or foreplay, get the blood flowing and prevent break-up-causing dissatisfaction.

2. Active involvement of all partners is essential in order to "score repeatedly," as Dr. Ruth wrote.

3. Team spirit on the court means playing your best, and sometimes having sex, even when you don't feel like it.

4. Good communication is essential to keep balls from flying out into the audience.

"Sex, like basketball, is a team sport," Dr. Ruth wrote. "You have to learn to play together and if you do, you can score repeatedly." One sure way to get better at the game? Dr. Ruth would probably suggest practice, either with others or on your own.