On Valentine's Day, the Atlantic Wire published a much-anticipated ranking of the hottest colleges, as determined by DateMySchool.com. How does the Crimson stack up?

An informal student survey revealed optimistic predictions about Harvard's standing, particularly within the Ivy League. "I'd say we're second," Peter H. Manges '15 speculated. "We're second or third, maybe after UPenn, maybe after Brown. Yale is hideous. Princeton's obviously at the bottom of the heap. I know some normal-looking people who go to Cornell."

Contrary to Manges' predictions, at number six, Harvard is below average among the Ivies. Harvard did, however, beat Yale, which placed in eighth (and last) place.

In the overall ranking, Harvard isn't a top performer, either. Fairleigh Dickinson University won overall with Montclair State University, Queens College, and Indiana University of Pennsylvania in the top ten. Harvard lagged behind in 56th place.

The methodology of this survey, however, is debatable, as schools are judged based only on the students who have created profiles on DateMySchool.com.

Thinking on the bright side, perhaps we're not worse looking than the 55 schools that walloped us, but rather just different looking.

Allison J. Sinofsky '15 reasoned that Harvard students exude a certain type of attractiveness. "[We're] more classy," Sinofsky said.