With less than five seconds on the clock and the Harvard men's basketball team trailing by one point, the Crimson inbounded the ball to junior forward Kyle Casey. Casey faked a pass, turned, and elevated to the net, banking in the go ahead basket to give Harvard the lead! But as the ball sailed through the net, a whistle sounded. The referee signaled an offensive foul against Casey, the basket was waved off, and Penn walked away with the win.

Like the last five seconds of Saturday's game, here are five other things that seem awesome, until you realize that they suck.

1. Sex in Widener Stacks: First, it's exciting. Then you're naked on the floor of the Ukrainian literature section and someone's calling HUPD.

2. First snowfall: so pretty. February: so cold, so wet, so ugly.

3. Chatroulette: "I came, I saw, I cleared my browser history."

4. High heels: You check out your hot self in the mirror…and then you take a step.

5. Comping the Lampoon, a semi-secret Sorrento Square social organization that used to occasionally publish a so-called humor magazine: "It's awesome since the room is cool and the jokes are funny. Then after five minutes the jokes are old and the comp sucks," said a Lampoon business comper who wished to remain anonymous to avoid repercussions.