College Life

Harvard Yard

Historic Heat Wave Reignites Debate About Lack of AC in Harvard Housing

As a heat wave descended on Cambridge, students living on campus sought relief from the scorching temperatures — just not in their dorm rooms. ​​​​​​

Downed Tree Limb in Harvard Yard

Large Tree Branch Falls on Footpath in Harvard Yard, Narrowly Avoids Pedestrians

A large limb fell from an American elm in Harvard’s Old Yard at roughly 8 p.m. Saturday, startling students and tourists walking through the area.

Fox Club Temporary Location

Fox Club Received Eviction Notice From Landlord Over Noise Complaints, Zoning Code Violations

The Fox Club moved out of a Cambridge residential neighborhood after the property owner served the club with an eviction notice following warnings from the city that their use of the space violated local ordinances.​​​​​​​

Harvard Yard Closed to Public

Harvard Yard Reopened to the Public for First Time in 6 Weeks

Harvard Yard reopened Wednesday for the first time in six weeks since it was first closed to the public in April for a pro-Palestine encampment that occupied the campus for 20 days.

The Crimson's Vending Machine

Harvard To Phase Out Crimson Cash Beginning July 1

Harvard will begin to phase out Crimson Cash — a system that allows students to link their Harvard IDs to declining balance accounts — starting July 1.

Senioritis Class of 2024 Feature Graphic

‘Crazy Times’: With Graduation Approaching, Seniors Reflect on Harvard Journey Bookended by Crisis

The Crimson spoke with dozens of seniors about their memories of a Covid-19-hued transition to college and how they reclaimed a vibrant student life amid four years bookended by crisis.

Sidechat Feature Graphic

Bad Karma: How Anonymous Social Media Platform Sidechat Shapes Harvard Campus Politics

Though Sidechat is often a platform for much-needed levity and humor in moments of stress, many students have raised concerns about its effectiveness as a medium for political debates and propensity for spreading negativity.

Student Activism and Garber graphic

‘How Far Is Too Far?’: Pro-Palestine Activism Under the Garber Presidency

Alan Garber has largely drawn praise for his measured response to controversy and his ability to assuage a divided campus. But some students and faculty have condemned Garber’s approach to protests for being unusually repressive and forceful, drawing new, unprecedented lines around campus speech and protest.

Dilapidated Dorms Feature Graphic

Dilapidated Dorms: How Harvard Undergrads Cope with Run-Down Housing

Some students say they’ve grown accustomed to living with rodents and the occasional maintenance problem in dilapidated houses. But for others, housing problems raise broader concerns about how run-down living spaces may detract from quality of life at Harvard.

Dean Khurana Speaks at Harvard College Class Day 2024

‘Unconventional’ Harvard 2024 Class Day Speakers Promote Optimism, Kindness

Thousands of Harvard College graduates and their families flocked to Harvard Yard to celebrate Class Day 2024 on Wednesday.

Andrew Crespo Latinx Affinity Graduation

‘Connection You Can Cling To’: Harvard Celebrates Latinx Graduates at Affinity Event

Harvard Law School Professor Andrew M. Crespo ’05, the first tenured Latino faculty member at HLS, urged graduates to remember the contributions of their families during a Latinx affinity graduation celebration Tuesday morning.

Pritzker Truck in Harvard Square

Live Updates: Harvard’s Class Days

The Harvard Corporation rejected an effort from the Faculty of Arts and Sciences to confer degrees on 13 seniors who were suspended or placed on probation for their involvement in the pro-Palestine encampment of Harvard Yard amid the University’s Class Day celebrations.

Stoles at Jewish Affinity Graduation

‘A Sense of Belonging’: Harvard Holds Inaugural Affinity Celebration for Jewish Graduates

More than 100 Harvard affiliates gathered in the Student Organization Center at Hilles Monday evening for an inaugural Jewish graduates affinity ceremony co-hosted by Harvard Hillel and the University.

Auds Hope Jenkins AAPI Affinity Ceremony

‘Really Powerful’: Harvard Hosts Third Annual AAPI Graduation Ceremony

Harvard held an affinity celebration for Asian-American, Pacific Islander, and Desi American graduating students on Monday that honored APIDA graduates and featured speeches which discussed APIDA issues and referenced pro-Palestine protests at Harvard and the ongoing war in Gaza.

Carrie Griffin Basas Speaks at Disabilities Affinity Ceremony

Harvard Celebrates Second Graduates with Disabilities Affinity Ceremony

Harvard kicked off its affinity graduation celebrations with its second annual celebration of graduates with disabilities in a Monday morning ceremony at the Student Organization Center at Hilles.