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'Queer Eye' Season Eight

‘Queer Eye’ Season Eight Review: As Heartwarming As It Gets

Despite a few structural changes, the new season is still a beacon of joy and warmth, retaining its characteristic group dynamics and heartwarming stories.

Olivia Klug Portrait

Olive Klug Profile: Coming of Age to the Tune of Contemporary Folk

With the recent release of Klug’s debut album, “Don’t You Dare Make me Jaded,” they continue to chart their path through the contemporary folk scene.

Lumineers Boston Calling

From Boston Calling 2023: The Lumineers Stun As Headliners

As such, the essence of a “Lumineers” concert is akin to something of a campfire sing-along under the stars.

Joy Oladokun Boston Calling

From Boston Calling 2023: Saturday Soundbites

Boston Calling 2023 continued on day two, featuring performances from Joy Oladokun, Noah Kahan, and Alanis Morissette.

Moonlight, A24.

‘Moonlight’ Review: Good, But Not Quite Great

It is not easy to forget the “Best Picture” blunder of the 2016 Oscars, and it was here that I first heard about “Moonlight.”

Breakup Ballads Image

A List of Tracks for Your Next Breakup

This one is for your “main character moment” as you romanticize your own misfortune.


Comfort Shows To Get You Through Finals

In honor of the end of the semester, here is a selection of the Arts board's favorite comfort shows.

"Daisy Jones & The Six" Season Review Image

‘Daisy Jones & The Six’ Season Review: An Intoxicating Tale of Love, Lust, Drugs, and Rock N’ Roll

Although it contains some undertones of heavier themes like addiction, infidelity, and sexism in the music industry, at its core the series is dominated by an intoxicating air of passion, recklessness, romance, and wild fun associated with the period in which it is set.

A tracing of a still from "My First Summer."

‘My First Summer’ Review: Colorful and Messy and Free

“My First Summer” is diametrically opposed to my last article on “Brokeback Mountain” in terms of visibility: Neither I nor anyone I know had heard of it. But boy am I glad Letterboxd led me to this gem.

"Brokeback Mountain" poster

“Brokeback Mountain” Review: If You Enjoy Films About Queer Misery, This Movie Is For You

Jake Gyllenhaal is Jack Twist and Heath Ledger is Ennis Del Mar, a couple of sheepherders whose work on Brokeback Mountain leads to a beautiful and heart-wrenching romance that develops between them — or so I was led to believe.

Titanic 25th Anniversary Poster

‘My Heart Will Go On’ 25-Year Retrospective: A Record We Won’t Let Go

Created despite a series of roadblocks, it seems that the legacy of “My Heart Will Go On” will endure and as a society, we just seem unable to let go.

the l word gen q s3 image

'The L Word: Generation Q' Season 3 Review: A Flaming Hot Mess

What remains is a shoddy construction that can barely hold itself together, let alone live up to the standards set by its predecessor.

Laufey concert image

Laufey concert image

Laufey performs at The Sinclair in Boston on Sept. 27.

Laufey concert image

Laufey Concert Review: An Intimate Evening of Jazz Reimagined With a Modern Streak

Laufey truly demonstrates all the makings of a star. Hearing about her unique childhood and musical background may spark one’s interest, but just one listen to her actual work has the power to immediately turn a curious first-time listener into a captivated fan.

stevie nicks sound on sound image

From Sound on Sound: Stevie Nicks Rings Like a Bell Through the September Night — And We Love to Love Her

Nicks commanded the festival, demonstrating why she, her voice, and her songs remain just as beloved today as they were in the early stages of her career in the ’80s.