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Just the Tip

Graduating FM executives share a few words of advice.

Jose: Endpaper

Oh My God, You're So Hip I Could Puke

Last week, I sat outside the Café Gato Rojo smoking a hand-rolled cigarette and mulling over some poststructuralist text for a seminar I’m taking.

Radcliffe Breaks the Curfew
In The Meantime

Past Tense: Radcliffe, Cheating, and the Honor Code

The awkward wedge between the Harvard and Radcliffe policies was centered on the Radcliffe honor system that governed student life at the women’s college.

Summer Postcards 2012


“Is this your first time going to Alaska?” asked the girl sitting next to me, beaming while she fastened her seatbelt.

Summer Postcards 2012

Fireflies and Monuments

I grew so distracted by the beautiful flashes that I accidentally ran up on a deer before realizing I should make my way back toward Georgetown before dark.


FM Investigates: The Kremlin on the Charles

Harvard has its own long and complex history with communism—and its own formative experiences of anxiety and exclusion.


Warren Releases Clip for the 'It Gets Better' Campaign

Harvard Law School professor Elizabeth Warren released a clip for the "It Gets Better Project" on Jan. 25, standing in support of LGBT youth who face bullying and discrimination.


Romney Wins Big in Florida

With the next GOP debate not scheduled until Feb. 22 and the next primary not until Arizona’s on Feb. 28, professors said they anticipated little political activity during the lull that could inhibit Romney’s momentum.

Harvard Republican Club

Harvard Reacts to South Carolina Primary

As the 2012 Republican presidential contest unfolds, Romney’s position as the front-runner has been called into question following Newt Gingrich’s ...


Professors See Romney As Most Likely Nominee

Although former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney has won both the Iowa caucuses and the New Hampshire primary, the upcoming South Carolina and Florida primaries will be critical in determining whether he can maintain his position as the frontrunner for the Republican presidential nomination, Harvard professors say.

Widener Library
Harvard in the City

Occupy Harvard Security Measures Cause Tension

As the Harvard community continues to deal with heightened security measures surrounding the Yard—including checkpoints and restricted access to freshman dorms—Occupy Harvard protesters are fighting the sentiment that occupiers are to blame for the increased security, asserting that the administration is leveraging the security measures to cast the demonstration in a negative light.

Occupy Harvard's First Night

Occupy Harvard's First Night: An Eyewitness Account

Roberto F. Velez '03, a teaching fellow in the Visual and Environmental Studies Department, shot this video of last Wednesday's Occupy Harvard protest depicting the night as it unfolded.

Harvard on the Web

Occupying Harvard Online

Occupy Harvard's Media and Outreach team has launched a website intended to facilitate communication between occupiers and the rest of Harvard community. The website includes a statement of purpose, a frequently asked questions section, and an online forum meant to function as an "electronic general assembly."

Occupy Harvard: The First Morning
Student Groups

University Maintains Heightened Security for Occupy Harvard

Harvard will retain heightened security measures in the Yard for the time being, according to a statement that the University sent out to members of the community on Thursday.


Occupy Protest Shuts Down Harvard Yard

Hundreds of protesters sympathetic to the Occupy movement descended on Harvard Yard Wednesday night with a message of disapproval for the University’s perceived complicity in growing income inequality across the country.