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Postcard from Hollywood

After swearing off recruiting and folding my law school applications into paper airplanes last October, I began to seriously start

Food and Drink

Playing Old Time Charades

Opening this weekend is director Jonathan Demme’s The Truth About Charlie, a remake of Stanley Donen’s 1963 classic romantic thriller

Food and Drink

Meat: It's What's On Stage

This past weekend, Harvard’s choicest selections of meat couldn’t be found in any dining hall or final club. Rather, that


That’s Advertainment

NEW YORK—The city that never sleeps boasted unusually high numbers of insomniacs this past June—myself included. Not only did the

Harvard Man Premiers Tonight at Brattle

A basketball player concentrating in philosophy who sleeps with his professor and takes acid cooked up by a chemistry-major pal.

Sink or Swim?

20TH CENTURY FOX Unfaithful (May 10): As his hair gradually turns a whiter shade of gray, Richard Gere’s name has


Britney: Not Yet A Girl..Not Yet a Film

Picture the worst film that you can possibly imagine and begin beating yourself with a tire iron. Only then can


American Royalty

In the new film the royal Tenenbaums, supporting character and decadent author Eli Cash (Owen Wilson) becomes a household name


The Hackman Connection: Talking with Gene

The Crimson recently participated in a press conference with the legendary actor Gene Hackman. Despite being 71 years old, the

Do You Believe in Magic?

Of all the arena sports in the wizard world, Quidditch is by far the most important. An integral part of


Harry Connick Jr.: Songs I Heard / 30

Inspired by the traditional New Orleans jazz he absorbed as a child, Harry Connick Jr. does schmaltzy standards like no


Second Takes: Dispelling the Fairy Tale

Over the weekend, I encountered the good, the bad and the bizarre in regards to relationships. The Good: Saturday night,


Second Takes

Waxing Nostalgic When I first came to Harvard, I found myself homesick for something I never thought I would miss:


Second Takes

On December 7, 1941, the Japanese air raid on Pearl Harbor shattered the American citizen’s sense of security. While high


WHO KILLED THE VIDEO STAR? MT[&A]V. MTV long ago reached its goals of rockin’ the suburbs, and, after luring its