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Review: 'Hedda' Fueled by Destruction

When Henrik Ibsen wrote Hedda Gabler , he created characters whose psychologies would push them ever closer to destruction as

Review: ‘Streetcar’ Scores in Innovation

Let me tell you why it’s impossible to stage a great production of A Streetcar Named Desire . It’s nothing

Stoppard Brought to Life

“Two intermissions! There are two intermissions!” announced Jeremy W. Blocker ’04 as he passed through the Loeb Mainstage audience on

Review: 'Zucco' Succeeds Despite Script

There is an appealing air of vitality in the Loeb Ex production of Roberto Zucco , which runs through next

Review: Delusions of the Mind

Sam Shepard’s A Lie of the Mind is a play about delusion. It’s difficult to write a play about delusion,

Oscar Preview

This is not an easy year to handicap the Oscar nominations, due to be announced Feb. 11. Nearly every category

Food and Drink

Love's Labors

Punch-Drunk Love, the latest movie from master filmmaker Paul Thomas Anderson, is a fresh, subdued playlet of a comedy from

Sink or Swim?

20TH CENTURY FOX Unfaithful (May 10): As his hair gradually turns a whiter shade of gray, Richard Gere’s name has


America’s Favorite Alien Returns After Twenty Years

To be honest, I really don’t like Steven Spielberg. He’s simplistic, condescending and, the odd for-the-ages shot aside, he isn’t


Oscar Time: And the Nomination Goes to...

At the start of every year, film pundits and critics across the country wail about the dearth of cinematic treasures


Billy Bob: The Demon Barber of Main Street

The Coen brothers have lost their balance. After hitting their structural peak with the haunting and humanistic Fargo and their

Penny For Your Thoughts

A man sets up his table on the street, places a money jar atop it, puts up his sign and

(Cosmo) Disney's World

There was always something unnerving to me, as a grade-schooler, about listening to my recording of You’re a Good Man,

In the B.U.F.F.

Film festivals, by their nature, tend to exhibit flicks that would not be shown in your standard Indiana multiplex. So,

Writer's Block: Forrester Falls Flat

It’s impossible to learn anything from Finding Forrester that can’t be gleaned from the broad outlines of a schmaltzy CBS