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Brokeback Mountain

Directed by Ang Lee Focus Features 5 Stars The cultural pressure placed on “Brokeback Mountain” to be a commercial and

Another Tragic Holiday Season

It’s culture-clash weekend at the box office! Wildly different movies open on the same weekend all the time, but this

Froehlove: Move Fat Cats Devour Babies

Fat and fatter have left the Mouse House. In their wake they leave a filthy trail of Lays potato chip

Fill Me With Your Demon Seed

More movies should be like “Demon Seed.” That’s right, “Demon Seed,” the trashy 1977 adaptation of the Dean Koontz novel

Cinema at the Century's Dawn

As this is my last column for the glorious school year of 2004-2005, it’s time to prophesize. Or at least

Auteurs Gone Wild!!!

Filmmaking is not an art form that breeds responsibility. This, admittedly, is not too profound a statement, but it certainly


If anything raises The Ring Two slightly above its predecessor on the horror film barometer, it’s the sequel’s gung-ho philosophy:

Another Year at the Movies

The Oscars, that annual self-display of bad plastic surgery and the art of assembly-line cinema, have come to a close

My Movie Has a First Name...

Some problematic trends have emerged—or perhaps re-emerged—during this year’s Oscar season. For one, the Foreign Language Film situation has turned

Valentine's Day Coping: Gay Mockery of Straight Romances

Valentine’s Day is a vomit-inducing holiday. It never ceases to remind me of Michael Warner’s postulation that happy couples are

Movie Review - Bad Education

Near the end of Pedro Almodovar’s newest film, Bad Education, two of the principal characters emerge from a movie theatre

DVDs for All: A Gift-Giving Guide

Merry Christmas, moviegoers! What does Hollywood have in store for you this wintry holiday season? Paris Hilton with clothes? Lindsey

National Treasure Better Hidden

Last year, the number one movie at the domestic box office over the Thanksgiving holiday was The Cat in the

Oscar Buzz All Points To Law

Mainstream movie critics from coast to coast have a new thing to complain and muse about this year. Everyone is

Happy Halloween, Everybody!

It’s about time you admit it: that Halloween party you throw in your room every year is unbearably lame. Besides,