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Movie Review

In the midst of the 1998 Monica Lewinsky sex scandal, Coleman Silk (Anthony Hopkins), a distinguished classics professor at a

Lucky 'Tomorrow'

A privileged, suburban high school overachiever almost certainly bound for a prestigious Ivy League college. Sound familiar? That’s Ben (Parry

Death of the Reader

Of all the unlikely things to do during midterms, between catching up on reading and stress-filled cramming, I went to

Birthday Bash

Fitting more than 160 singers onto a Harvard stage is no easy feat. And neither is organizing and performing Beethoven’s

CD Review

If rapper 50 Cent were any more hardcore, he’d be dead. Not only is his debut album titled Get Rich

Food and Drink

The Sins of the Fathers

Only human. No one can pretend to be more than that, not even the members of a Church that can

Food and Drink

On The Big Screen: Heaven, Hannibal

RED DRAGON. Movies don’t get much more all-star than Red Dragon, the prequel to The Silence of the Lambs and

Students, Scientists Gather To Celebrate Herschbach

They came from as near as the Mallinckrodt chemistry labs on Oxford Street and as far as Berkeley, Calif. Over

Sink or Swim?

20TH CENTURY FOX Unfaithful (May 10): As his hair gradually turns a whiter shade of gray, Richard Gere’s name has


A History of Life

Tucked away in the Museum of Comparative Zoology is the labyrinthine office of Stephen Jay Gould, Alexander Agassiz Professor of

Visual Arts

Talented Faculty Delight In Otherwise Bland Show

Although it does have certain quirks—like a gigantic tongue—and perks—like a convenient location—the Visual and Environmental Studies “New Faculty Show”

Harvard Loses Chess Title to Yale

The Harvard football team may have proven its superiority this weekend, but the Chess Club turned the Wolff Cup over

Thoughts of an Anti-Potter

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone opens today, starring Daniel Radcliffe as You-Know-Who—or rather, He-Whose-Name-I-Am-Sick-Of. I can just envision the

’01 Graduate Killed In Auto Accident

Ogden “Denny” Lewis III ’01, a graduate of Leverett House, was killed in an automobile accident in Patagonia, Argentina on

Visual Arts

Student Art STASHed in Adams House

One of the first objects that you see on the floor when you walk into the STASH exhibit, in the