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Weddings & Engagements

A Family Affair For one family, lightning struck twice. Ethan L. Murray ’05, who encouraged Matthew M. Mulder ’05 to

Steaking a Claim

Lettuce leaves and organic beansprouts are all very well and good, but nothing satiates the appetite like a big, juicy

Puns, Politics and Lots of Flying Balls

Last week, as the Democratic National Convention filled Boston’s FleetCenter with four straight days of platform-pounding and strategic maneuvers, a

The Shock of the New

If the masterminds of the curricular review have their way, future poets, historians and run-of-the-mill inept-at-long-division English concentrators will all

The Waiting Game

I have a problem. You probably have it too. I am totally, and utterly, addicted to the adrenaline rush of

Catch the Fever

Spring in Cambridge is a strange time. For all the familiar clichés of the season as a time of miraculous

The Lure of Lamont

Chalk it up as yet another one of those choice campus locales where I do not want to find myself

Pleased To Meet You

This week I was going to write about the ins and outs of sectional politics and its stock standard movers

Hey, Big Spender

First, a disclaimer: there are lots of annoying people at Harvard. There’s That Kid in Section who takes copious notes

Spice Girl, Miss America Speak Up

Geri Halliwell, formerly known as Ginger Spice of the 1990s Britband sensation the Spice Girls, last night joined the 2003

Show Your Best Face

Let’s talk about that great photo of you on For the uninitiated—all three of you— was described by its

The Globetrotter

If you’re stuck for something exciting to do next summer, Natalia A.J. Truszkowska ’04 has plenty of ideas—no endless photocopying

Australian Slang from A to Zed

Forget everything you think you know about Australians and the way they speak. Forget the Crocodile Hunter (never seen it),

Must Have: Customized Nikes

For diligent daily joggers tired of their generic New Balances snagged half-off at City Sports and willing to shell out

The Ugg-ly

Sherpa boots, Uggies—call them what you will, sheepskin lined footwear is always going to be a difficult look to pull