Christopher Edley Jr.

‘Ask the Big, Hard Questions’: HLS Professor Christopher Edley Jr. Dies at 71

Christopher F. Edley Jr., a former Harvard Law School professor who advised U.S. Presidents Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton on affirmative action, died earlier last month. He was 71.

Former President Bill Clinton Speaks at 2007 Class Day Ceremony

‘Tabloid Interest’: The Class of 1999 Looks Back on The Clinton-Lewinsky Scandal

A President was getting impeached for the first time in 130 years, but Harvard students were more focused on finals.

Nelson Mandela Visit Headline

‘Hanging On to Every Word’: Listeners Reflect on Nelson Mandela’s 1998 Address at Harvard

On Sep. 18, 1998, South African President Nelson Mandela stood in front of an array of University officials and red-robed scholars and awed a packed crowd of 25,000 in Tercentenary Theatre.

Merrick Garland ’74

‘Generational Intellect’: Meet Attorney General Merrick Garland ’74

In interviews with 11 of his friends, former classmates, and professors, Attorney General Merrick B. Garland ’74 was repeatedly characterized as a man who struck others for his deep intellect — but also for his honesty and dependability, and for seeming to get along with everyone.

Tom B. Cotton ’99

‘He Liked to Provoke’: Foreshadowing Tom Cotton ’99

More than 25 years ago, Tom B. Cotton ’99 helped organize Harvard Model Congress. But playing pretend apparently wasn’t enough.

Watergate Graphic

‘A Script For A Political Movie’: The Class of 1974 Looks Back on Watergate

While the Watergate break-in happened in the late summer of 1972, as the Class of 1974 finished their sophomore year, the scandal’s most dramatic moments would come during their final year in Cambridge — at a campus that had deep ties to, and was often the scorn of, the embattled administration.

Sarah K. Hurwitz '99

Sarah K. Hurwitz ’99, Former Head Speechwriter for Michelle Obama, Looks Back On College and Career

Michelle Obama’s former head speechwriter Sarah K. Hurwitz ’99 found her love for politics at Harvard.

Massachusetts Hall in Harvard Yard
Central Administration

Universities Nationwide Have Embraced Institutional Neutrality. How Does Harvard’s Report Stack Up?

Harvard released its long-awaited report from its Institutional Voice working group on Tuesday. The Crimson reviewed similar policies at other American universities to understand how Harvard’s report is different.

Garber Commencement
Central Administration

Harvard Will Refrain From Controversial Statements About Public Policy Issues

After months of grappling with a campus fractured by a polarizing debate over the Israel-Hamas war, Harvard announced on Tuesday that the University and its leadership will refrain from taking official positions on controversial public policy issues.

Bike Lanes Feature Graphic
City Politics

Flat Tires: How A Divisive Debate Over Cambridge Bike Lanes Left Everyone Unsatisfied

As construction slowly moves forward on bike lanes, the physical separation on a growing number of Cambridge streets has come to represent a bitter division in the city’s politics — and many in the city are at a loss for how it can be bridged.

University President Drew G. Faust

‘Endangered’: Drew Faust Passionately Defends Higher Education at Harvard PBK Ceremony

Former University President Drew Gilpin Faust offered an impassioned defense of higher education and denounced politicians for “denigrating and destroying” the academy during her keynote address to Phi Beta Kappa honorees on Tuesday.

Capitol Hill Through the Trees
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Interim Harvard President Alan Garber Takes the Political Battle to Washington

Interim President Alan Garber is visiting Washington to rebuild Harvard’s relationships with White House officials and members of Congress as he attempts to guide the University out of crisis.

Race and Diversity in President Search Graphic
Central Administration

Harvard’s Next Presidential Search Will Face New Challenges Amid Attacks on DEI

Like it or not, the selection of Harvard’s 31st president will inevitably be viewed by key stakeholders through the prism of identity politics — and it’s like that more people will be disappointed than pleased.

Nancy Pelosi Comes to Harvard

Alums Disrupt Nancy Pelosi at Harvard Club of San Francisco Event in Pro-Palestine Protest

Pro-Palestinian protesters interrupted former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) as she delivered a keynote speech at the Harvard Club of San Francisco’s 150th anniversary event Monday evening.​​​​​​​

Central Administration

Rep. Auchincloss Says Harvard’s Federal Funding ‘Needs To Be on the Table’

Harvard should potentially lose federal funding over its handling of campus antisemitism, Representative Jake D. Auchincloss ’10 (D-Mass.) said in an interview on Sunday.