If you’re a Harvard sibling, this is your chance to finally romanticize our historic red brick campus and take advantage of your sibling’s exclusive swipe access. Live out your dark academia dream for the week — who actually cares about graduation, right? The real priority should be for you to explore as much of Harvard’s campus as humanly possible in the next few days.

The Loeb Music Library

This is hands-down my favorite study spot on campus. It’s beautiful, and if you have any homework to do (shoutout public-schoolers from September-June states!) this is where you should camp out. The second floor of this library has a beautiful room with stained glass windows.

The one thing I will warn you about with this hidden gem is that it is very small, meaning that it is extremely quiet. Keep your airpods connected to your electronic device and expect to talk at a whisper. But who knows, it could be empty — private photoshoot time!

Their Favorite Student Organization’s Building

Whether this is a final club, The Crimson, The Advocate, or WHRB in the basement of Pennypacker, it’ll give you a glimpse of your sibling’s Harvard experience. One of coolest things about being a student here is that student-run organizations are rich enough to own their own spaces and have a long, complex history of their own. Hang out where Theodore Roosevelt, Class of 1880, probably hung out at some point — man, that guy was in a lot of clubs.

Widener Library

She is the moment. This is the magnificent library Harvard is known for, and HUID holders can bring in up to four guests with them on a visit. Come see the trenches where your sibling probably sat during finals, and ask them if they have any embarrassing Widener horror stories of breaking the piercing silence in the reading room. Also, be sure to snap some Instagram stories here. You won’t regret it, and if you want to be annoying, you can recreate your sibling’s thesis photos.

The 10th Floor of the Smith Campus Center

Visit the 10th floor to see the views and perhaps rest your eyes on one of the many soft couches. Your nap is not your fault (despite it being a “stay-awake space”). The low-fi music definitely hypnotized you.

The Science Center Observatory

Hopefully your sibling has swipe access to the observatory, or knows the right people to get you up there. This is one of the most exclusive hang out spots you can find on campus. If you get yourself up here, you’ll have bragging rights over 90 percent of Harvard students.

Make sure to force your sibling to let you check out the hidden gems on our campus before they lose swipe access forever…