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Halloween Activities Alignment Chart

We have reached that point of the year full of bad costumes and overall sleep deprivation: Halloween! Not sure how you will spend your Hallo-weekend? Use this chart below to find out where your plans fall in comparison to others.

this is fine

Flyby’s Midterm Szn 2021 Playlist

Mindlessly scrolling in Lamont instead of studying for that latest midterm? No worries! Check out our latest midterms playlist for the chill bops you need to drown out the Quizlet flashcards repeating in your head.

Dean Khurana Playlist Jammin'

Flyby Ranks: Dean Khurana’s Best Playlists

A little known fact about Dean of the College Rakesh Khurana? He's also a Spotify playlist KING. Dive into the many excellent playlists from this iconic Dean – maybe he should pick up a DJ gig on the side?


The MCAT has Ruined my Life and the Lives of Millions of Others

If you're also suffering from the MCAT, hey! At least you're not alone! This writer can feel your pain and is ready to scream through all our pre-med problems. :)


House Mascots Ranked by Eco-Friendliness

While Housing Day is still (unfortunately) a semester away, it is never too early to reignite the House pride that all us upperclassmen have and that first-years will eventually be infected with. To help with that, we're blessing you with a ranking of house mascots based on the only criteria that matters: environmental impact. Because let’s be real, every House thinks it’s the best, so we needed to get a little bit objective here.

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Flyby Ranks: Harvard's Urban Wildlife

The wildlife around Harvard is *almost* as interesting as its students! Take a stroll with us as we rank some of the best and worst urban wildlife this campus has to offer.

ice cream

Flyby Tries: TJ’s Fall Snacks

Roses are red, violets are blue, Trader Joe’s fall treats are here, and we’ve tried some for you! It’s that time of year again: sweater weather, crunchy leaves, and pumpkin-spice everything. On our mission to find the best fall-themed snacks, Trader Joe’s comes once again to our rescue, giving us a reason (or excuse?) to make the trip to our favorite grocery store (please sponsor us, TJ).


Flyby Ranks: Recruitment Methods of a Certain Semi-Secret Organization

Recruitment season has just ended and all the clubs have been hard at work looking for new members. From flooding email lists, offering free foods and drinks, to promising awesome merch, every single organization at Harvard is pulling out all the stops to woo new members.

Sippin' & Walkin'

Flyby's Fall 2021 Playlist

Yesterday was the official first day of fall, so we're kicking off with a Flyby classic: a Fall 2021 playlist for all your listening needs. Enjoy with a nice walk around the Yard and a warm drink of your choice<3


An Unconventional Senior Fall Bucket List

Yeah, yeah, yeah — you know what your FOP leader told you about the John Harvard Statue, Widener Stacks, and first day of reading period. Snooze fest. We’re back on campus, and for those of us who are in our final fall, it’s time to graduate to the big boy bucket list. Here’s some tasks for any senior who feels like they’re really up to the challenge.

love stinks

Shitty Date Ideas for Your Shitty Harvard Love Life

It’s a truth universally acknowledged that a Harvard student in possession of a single hour of free time must be in want of a confusing situationship. If you’re such a student looking for some ways to add a little spice to the garbage pit of your love life, seek no further — our curated list of activities is sure to make whatever the hell you have going on worse (somehow).

Burst the Bubble Banner

Burst the Bubble: Sept. 10 - Sept. 12

Burst the Bubble is back, baby! Get ready for some semi-regular events to help you pop that Harvard Bubble over the weekend – low in budget, high in fun!

In/Out: Fall 2021 Edition

Out With The Old, In With The Let’s gET a mEAL somETIME

We're back with a Flyby favorite – IN/OUT: Fall 2021 edition! Lots has changed, but somehow it always comes back to that one section kid...


Flyby Loves: Our Seniors

Title says it all.


Flyby Tries: Journaling Everyday For A Week

Ahh, journals. The perfect place for pre-teen nostalgia of middle school crushes, high school teenage angst of hating everyone, college rants, vents, and emotional breakdowns. Be it a bullet, digital, or normal journal, journals are always there for you. Journaling die-hards (journal-hards??) promise it improves mental health and emotional stability, so I decided to try journaling for a week to see how it impacts my ~mental health~.