Let’s face it, graduation season is expensive. If you’re a Harvard sibling looking to get brownie points with your soon-to-be rich consultant sibling but don’t want to burn a hole in your wallet, this one’s for you.

The Harvard Bookstore

This wonderful storefront has everything from actual books to stationary you can buy as a present. Their workers also have amazing recommendations and will help you pick out the right read for your sibling.

But let’s be real, books are expensive. Don’t worry, they have a sale section at the front left corner of the store (just turn right when you walk in), and the unique selection requires me to resist buying a new eight dollar book on a daily basis.

Almost Any Restaurant in Harvard Square

Hear me out: food can be pricey in The Square. But this method allows you to pick your desired price point and spend time with your sibling at the same time.

Ask your siblings what places they frequent when they are in the trenches and take a peek at their menus. Once you have scoped out the price points you have to work with, you can be the generous sibling that offers your graduating sibling to have one more nostalgic meal in the red brick city of Cambridge. The best part is that the cost is on you!

Leavitt and Pierce

This store has a little bit of everything! It is known as a Harvard Square staple that alumni often return to, but I honestly have never bought anything from here. I would recommend walking around for twenty minutes, and seeing if anything reminds you of your sibling.

This gift has the potential to go many different routes. Will you find a gag gift or will you discover an item with a sentimental connection that makes your sibling tear up at dinner? The choice is yours.


This cute jewelry store has a wide range of prices and is located conveniently on Massachusetts Avenue. If your sibling is addicted to expanding their accessory collection — like I am — you should run here as soon as you step foot on campus.

Write them an IOU

If you’re truly in a crunch for cash, give them a coupon to redeem for in the future. This could be for a legit present, hug, chore, or literally anything your heart desires.

In the end, I promise (although this gesture should mean nothing to you because I am a total stranger) your sibling will love anything that you get for them. Honestly, they probably aren’t even expecting a gift. You got this!