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Brandi Carlile 4

Brandi Carlile Concert Review: ‘The Story’ of Success at TD Garden

Carlile’s concert was the perfect escape. Every performance radiated energy and inclusivity.

'Bliss Montage' Cover

‘Bliss Montage’ Review: Ling Ma’s Second Release Exceeds High Expectations

Ma’s mastery of language entices readers to step into her narrative world.

"What We Do in the Dark" cover.

‘We Do What We Do in the Dark’ Review: A Sublime Portrayal of Queer Intimacy

Tactfully written with keen insights into loneliness, lust, and loss, the narrative is a Pride Month must-read.

On Campus

Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater Review: A Triumphant Return to the Stage

The dancers were triumphant in their return to the stage, crafting a performance that was equally dynamic, technical, and enchanting.

"Mouth to Mouth" cover.

‘Mouth to Mouth’ Review: Short Yet Shocking

The first thing that one would notice upon picking up Antoine Wilson’s “Mouth to Mouth” is its brevity. The novel is only 179 pages, divided into chapters that rarely exceed three pages — but what it lacks in length it makes up for in richness.

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On Campus

Hasty Pudding Honors Jennifer Garner as Woman of the Year

“I guarantee my day was better than yours,” said Garner after receiving the Pudding Pot, giving it a kiss.

'The Bluest Eye' Image

‘The Bluest Eye’ Review: Toni Morrison Would Be Proud

When actors take the stage, audiences are immediately engrossed in stunning, pain-filled performances that would do the late Toni Morrison proud.

"Aristotle and Dante" Cover

‘Aristotle and Dante Dive into the Waters of the World’ Review: A Stunning Sequel

“Aristotle and Dante Dive into the Waters of the World” features the fragility of life and love. There are moments when the bonds between Ari and his friends, lover, and parents feel unbreakable, and there are moments when these relationships are torn apart.

Nina Foster Vanity Image

Arts Vanity: ‘Avatar: The Last Airbender’ is Responsible for 99% of my Emotional Intelligence

I believe “Avatar” should be required viewing for everyone, everywhere.

Apple TV+ The Shrink Next Door

‘The Shrink Next Door’ Premiere Review: This Series is Destined to Thrill

If the rest of the series follows the tone of the premiere, viewers are in for one wild ride. Each episode will reveal more about the therapist-patient relationship that turns sour. With decades of events to unpack, the show is destined to thrill.

On Campus

Andrew Lear’s ‘We Were There’ Tour Showcases the Resilience of Women and the LGBTQ+ Community through Art

Lear focuses on pieces in the museum for which themes of sexuality, gender, and race are present but not explicit.

Cover for "In Polite Company"

‘In Polite Company’ Review: Gervais Hagerty Makes a Decent Debut

In her debut novel, Gervais Hagerty delivers an entertaining story about the ins and outs of Charleston culture yet falls short on its feminist sentiments.

'RENT' Tour Still

‘RENT’ Review: 25th Anniversary Tour Has Audiences ‘Over the Moon’

Seeing “RENT” in 2021 illuminates the contrast between the height of the AIDS crisis and the treatment of HIV/AIDS today. Yet the theme of coming together in the face of an illness remains incredibly relevant.

Greta Gerwig in 'Little Women' Still

Women Director Spotlight: Greta Gerwig

Her directorial skill, brilliant screenwriting, prioritization of a comfortable workplace, emphasis on the importance of women’s stories, and experience balancing a thriving career with motherhood makes Gerwig an inspiration to female filmmakers everywhere.

"Silk Chiffon" Cover Art

‘Silk Chiffon’ Review: Queer Euphoria Saves Generic Pop

On "Silk Chiffon," MUNA and Phoebe Bridgers brilliantly capture the pleasure of intimacy and the joy of embracing one’s identity without guilt.