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Stein and Curzi

Wedding Bells Class of 2017

Here from six members of the Class of 2017 who are married or engaged to be married soon.

A Separation

'A Separation' Unconventional but Ingenious

Kitamura’s "A Separation" might not appeal to everyone’s tastes, but for those willing to engage deeply with its content, it proves to be a thoughtful and ingenious read.

Ha D.H. Le

Arts Vanity: Don't Stop Believin'—A Shoot Paper for Arts Calendar Exec

Outgoing Arts Chair Ha D.H. Le '17 humbly submits her shoot paper for Arts Calendar exec (because clearly, three years of The Crimson isn't enough for her).

Arts Chairs 143

Editors' Note: Ha D.H. Le '17 and Victoria Lin '17

Outgoing chairs Ha D.H. Le '17 and Victoria Lin '17 look back on the past year of Crimson Arts and give thanks.

On Campus

With Eye Toward Inclusion, Harvard Arts Community Welcomes Class of 2020

The introduction of freshmen to the on-campus arts scene begins with the First-Year Arts Program, a pre-orientation program offered by the Freshman Dean’s Office that includes five days of workshops and masterclasses with resident artists, culminating in a pageant—all in the hope that the students will receive a holistic experience and forge new connections with fellow creatives.

Sara Melson '90

Artist Spotlight: Sara Melson

Prior to her performance at Club Passim in Harvard Square, Sara Melson '90 sat down with The Crimson to talk about her diverse artistic history, her Harvard experience, and her music.

Jeremy P. Bushnell

Artist Spotlight: Jeremy P. Bushnell

A professor at Northeastern University, Jeremy P. Bushnell spoke with The Crimson about his new book, "The Insides," and his creative experiences.


Artist Spotlight: PWR BTTM

The artists who sang out one of their college email addresses in a song, PWR BTTM are both fierce and thoughtful with a healthy serving of wit. The garage pop-punk duo spoke with The Crimson the band and reality television.

Kristin Kontrol

Artist Spotlight: Kristin Kontrol

Prior to her June 17 performance at Middle East, The Crimson spoke with Kristin Kontrol about her move away from Dum Dum Girls and her musical inspirations.

Christine and the Queens

Artist Spotlight: Christine and the Queens

The Harvard Crimson spoke with synth-pop project Christine and the Queens about breaking free and finding one’s calling in anticipation of her upcoming gig at Boston Calling.


Artist Spotlight: Palehound

The Harvard Crimson discussed musical beginnings and inspirations with Ellen Kempner, the artist behind Palehound.


Artist Spotlight: BØRNS

The Harvard Crimson sat down with BØRNS, who will be playing at Boston Calling, to talk about his plans for his upcoming tour and the ways his past performances have affected him.

Tin Can Guitar

Deriving the Right Note

The music track of the applied math concentration brings together computation, mathematical modeling, and music theory and composition to produce a uniquely quantitative study that serve to redefine Harvard’s liberal arts system for the silicon age.

Kapena Baptista
On Campus

Thesis Spotlight: Kapena Baptista '16

Though he worked on a thesis combining both anthropology and music, Baptista did not find it difficult to generate a topic that links the two focus fields, mostly because there already exists an area of study blending the two areas—ethnomusicology.

Dream Team

Letter from the Chairs

Arts love.