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Stein and Curzi

Wedding Bells Class of 2017

Here from six members of the Class of 2017 who are married or engaged to be married soon.

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The Four Types of Guys You Meet On LinkedIn

Face it: it’s hard to make connections.

Halloween Costumes: Netflix and Chill
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Netflix is Downloadable Now So Say Goodbye to Your Productivity

You can kiss those pity A-minuses goodbye! Hello, procrastination.

Dining Delights: Chocolate Waffles
Food and Drink

Dining Delights: Chocolate Waffles

With reading period and finals (a.k.a the end of the world as we know it) rapidly approaching, it’s more important than ever to have great treats to eat while you cram non stop. But if you’re plowing away on that last pset, chances are you don’t have time to wait for the crowd in front of the serving line to clear up. And with the weather degrading into a sad, drizzly, and cold mess, you likely want to stay inside as much as possible to stay warm.

Dining Delights: Chocolate Waffles
Dining Delights

Dining Delights: Chocolate Waffles

Chocolate waffles with whipped cream

Tatte in The Square Prepares for The Game
Student Life

What Does Your Favorite Harvard Square Cafe Say About You?

You can tell a lot about a person from their choices. The books they choose to read willingly, what you can find on their Facebook newsfeed, or their favorite student grill order. But since we’re fortunate enough Harvard Square and Cambridge in general has so many cafés to choose from, why not learn more about yourself and your friends through the places you use to get all the caffeine you need to survive the day?

The Young Turks
Photos of the Day

Photos of the Day 11.15.16

Always Be Authentic
On Campus

Always Be Authentic

Comedian Larry Wilmore reflects on the presidential election, media and the future of the country. Wilmore delivered this year’s annual Theodore H. White Lecture on Press and Politics at the Institute of Politics on Tuesday.

Mean Green
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Where To Eat With The Crimson Cash Harvard Gave Us

​Maybe you spent your new founded cash doing all of the laundry you procrastinated completing until now. Maybe you used it responsibly printing all your resumes and CVs for interviews. But there is the off chance you might have not touched your Crimson Cash at all since getting that $25 last Saturday and then oh wait…$50 more today. Don’t know where to spend it? Still unsure what can you get for your money? Let us guide you in making smarter, more productive decisions in spending what you have.

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A Light in Our Darkest Hour: Ten Percent off Purchases at C'est Bon

But like a ray of sunshine in our dark & rainy day, a hero comes in to make our day just a little brighter. And the hero of this tale is C’est Bon, which is valiantly offering 10 percent off purchases if you show your student ID.

Eliot House Library
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How To: Get a Late Start on Your Thesis

​It’s already more than halfway through September and some seniors may just realizing that they have a thesis to do...oops. Here are things you should remember as you kick your thesis into gear.

"How Jews Became White Folks"

"How Jews Became White Folks"

People broke out into groups to discuss topics of race, religion and political movements in an event called "How Jews Became White Folks", run by Harvard Hillel on Thursday.

HUDS Ballot Box
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Photos of the Day 09.16.16

David Simon
Visual Arts

Harvard College Film Festival’s Blockbuster Year Heralds Growth

The HCFF has grown remarkably over its brief lifespan, and its explosive expansion underscores the organization’s potential to serve as a focal point and forum for discussion among film-makers and film aficionados alike.

Wadsworth Commemoration

Photos of the Day 04.06.16