Editors' Note: Ha D.H. Le '17 and Victoria Lin '17

{shortcode-4adae0d857bbd554bc0ed96a0d2311629795749f}Dear Arts readers (or as Ha still likes to say, Arts baes),

We’re excited to present the 2016 Arts Year-in-Review—our special supplement that continues a time-honored tradition (by which we mean since 2013). Using the results of an extensive campus-wide survey, we have ranked the year’s best films, music, books, TV shows, campus theater productions, and more.

The Crimson Arts’ mission has always been to educate our writers, inform our community, and offer commentary on our generation’s creative and artistic projects. To that end, we are grateful to have had the opportunity to both report and critique. We like to think that we’ve made great strides in 2016: We have revitalized our blog section, facilitated a transition into the Tuesday and Friday daily paper of The Harvard Crimson, focused on greater inclusivity and accessibility in our coverage, and increased the research and breadth of our front features to focus on topics such as diversity in the Music Department, comedy on campus, and the relationship between art and service.

Before we leave you to reflect on the year in arts, we’d like to thank all of our execs, staff writers, compers, and designers for their time and dedication; our design execs Uju S. Nwosu ’17 and Tiffany K. Lam ’18 and our multimedia exec Katherine L. Borrazzo ’18 for their devotion to creative and engaging designs and photos; Managing Editor Meg P. Bernhard ’17 and President Mariel A. Klein ’17 for their support and guidance throughout 2016 to ensure the quality of our online and printed Arts writing; and finally you, our readers, for your ongoing interest in our features, reviews, columns, and other content.

We would also like to congratulate our successors, Elizabeth C. Keto ’18 and J. Thomas Westbrook ’18. While we’re sad to set sail for new waters, we know that incredible hands will be steering the arts section into 2017.


With gratitude, relief, and (most importantly) Arts love,

Ha D. H. Le ’17 and Victoria Lin ’17
Arts Chairs, 143rd Guard


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